Weekly MILS Roundup (Moms in Law School)

The Moms in Law School Roundup posts on Sundays, alternating between blogs by PT-law mom and A Little Fish in Law School (a/k/a butterflyfish). This week is MILS #32, hosted by PT-law mom. It's an easy way to keep up with (and join) a virtual neighborhood of moms in law school!

Thanks to butterflyfish for the tip in the comments [on our previous article about MILS]. Happy Sunday, everybody!



This site (I typed "sight" first and that also is correct) is good for the heart.  Those of us without the joy of young children can refresh ourselves just hearing about the complex life of another woman.  I love the visual your share.  Smiles, good cheer to you and I hope your headache goes away!

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