Welcome 2018 Writers in Residence

We are excited to introduce the 2018 Writers in Residence, which consists of a small group of columnists who provide monthly articles on the Ms. JD Blog. Our online community provides a forum for dialogue and networking among women lawyers, law students, and pre-law students. In the past, our writers have given rise to some of Ms. JD's most inspiring, hilarious, and provocative content to date.

I’m excited to introduce this year’s Writers:

  • Amy Impellizzeri: Lawyer Interrupted
  • Ani Torossian: Ms. Cyberlaw
  • Brittany Wiegand: Selfie with no filter: the 1L life
  • Claire Parsons: Tips from a New Equity Partner who Never Thought She’d Make it
  • Diana LaMorie: JD Preferred
  • Katherine Macfarlane: Accommodations and Everything After: Balancing Disability and a Legal Life
  • Keisha McClellan: Friend or Foe? Technology in our Ordinary Lives
  • Kerriann Stout: “You’ll Pay for This: The Real Cost of Law School Loans”
  • Lindsey White: Statistically Weeping: One Law Student and her Depression
  • Michele Moorman: Designing your Career one step at a Time
  • Nadia Ennaji: From Paralegal to Attorney: My First Year as an Associate
  • Pia Das: The Mindful Mindset: Using Mindfulness to Navigate your Career
  • Shirlene Armstrong: My First-Generation Student Success Story
  • Shundra Crumpton: Innovative Psychic: Legal Issues of the Future
  • Tatum Wheeler: On the Field: Women in Sports Law
  • Tori Keith: Rising Up: How Good Etiquette Can Advance your Career
  • Delania Barbee: Drive Your Journey

Please join us in welcoming them. Let’s help make their victories our victories and don’t forget to comment on their blogs!

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