What do 0Ls Think Job Market Will Be Like After Law School?

Kaplan Test preparation group performed a survey recently and found a significant and growing gap between what law school seems prepared to offer their students and what the actual law students seek from their studies. That is not even taking into account that fact that affordable is hardly something you could call much of any of the law schools. Massive student loan debt from law school has become the norm unfortunately.

Kaplan’s study held that the following is true:

Do 0Ls think that they will be prepared to practice law following law school? That is an interesting question and it was addressed in the survey they released this year. Pre-law undergrad and other students who come out of the job market maintain that law schools should prepare them for going into the job market. Here there is a greater intersection with the desires of the new incoming class and the actual tune of the law school, with approximately 74 percent of students heading into law school maintaining that they seek a curriculum that prepares them for being ready to to become a tampa bay bankruptcy lawyer straight out of law school. On the other hand, 26 percent of surveyed respondents indicated that more of an academic focus was preferred for their liking. Over ¾ of schools to the tune of 77 percent hold the position that their curriculum leans to being practice-ready as opposed to being academically inclined. Here the balance of 23 percent point to a curriculum being academically focused over being ready to send grads into industry.

Here we have again the situation where the law schools are marketing to the desires of their buyers. Practice-ready! Yes, we are providing a practice-ready, turnkey, leave our school ready to make money, ready to earn the big bucks, ready to have what it takes that employers will salivate over your skills! Once again, it is no surprise that the law schools must parrot back to the prospective students the things that they are interested in when seeking a law school. Frankly, it appears that this practice-ready thing is a complete myth because it simply does not hold true in practicality. Just ask employers. Ask new grads. Do the research, read the studies the surveys, the plethora of evidence indicating against practice ready out of law school. That said, the law schools would do wise to focus their schools on this trait, but it is unlikely that unless the style of education changes entirely, that this will not be changing anytime soon.

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