What is Women Lawyers News?

We have started sharing on the Ms. JD blog, so now we're taking a moment to tell you what www.WomenLawyersNews.com is all about.  

It can take a surprisingly long time to learn how being a woman can impact your career experiences and opportunities, and it is really hard work to keep up with all the important (and scary) issues that can hurt women lawyers, or hold us back.  It can take even longer to learn how to handle gender-realted issues.  BUT, you should have a way to easily develop and maintain awareness of these issues.  Enter Women Lawyers News.

Fortunately there are many great resources, organizations, and conferences to help women attorneys (like all the wonderful value provided by Ms. JD!).  You deserve a way to easily keep up with wonderful resources and game-changing conversations happening all over AND to make sure that the hard work to advance women, important research, and conversations that affect YOU reach you.   In other words, this is your way to easily and significantly better your career and life and our way of giving back and helping other lawyers.

To learn more about the site, or to get started in learning about more resources and grabbing great content, start with our About Page.  

We look foward to helping you.  Have a great day!
~Kate, Women Lawyers News

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