What Not to Do….

Law school is a roller coaster ride. The trick in embracing 1L year is jumping onboard and holding on tight to survive the ups and downs. Then 2L year rolls around, and seemingly things get easier because classes aren’t as daunting and the Socratic method no longer makes your heart beat faster at the thought of being called on. But one of the most important aspects of law school, which I personally believe is not discussed enough- is the career search. The first hurdle for many students in law school is the elusive 2l summer clerkship then hopefully results in landing that post-bar job.  While I know there are Career Development resources on every law school campus, what we don’t hear is firsthand accounts of particular experiences and challenges women might face in these endeavors. The resume and cover letter collection ... the follow-up with potential employers ... small talk at the actual interview ... how to present and promote yourself and your abilities once you have landed the job .... The game is different now- with the economy at an all-time low and jobs in the legal profession being few and far between- learning from others' experiences is even that much more important.

For the next year, I will have the privilege of sharing accounts of the snafus, nightmares, and “aha” moments women have experienced in law school. Most of these stories come from my female law school friends and classmates. But in order to protect their identities, I would like to introduce you to “Alex,” who will serve as my example on what not to do as you navigate your way through the career search and land that internship or job. At times, she may embarrassinglyremind you of yourself, or perhaps just the intriguing girl who sits in front of you in Constitutional Law.  Either way, I hope she serves as a lesson and - here’s to hoping- provide you with some entertainment during the rare, but much-needed break from those red, blue, or brown law books.

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