What #PROPELS Ms. JD’s Immediate Past President: Katie Larkin-Wong

1. Three things that #PROPEL me are:

I can only choose three?  :)  There are a million things that #PROPEL my life but #1 has always been my family.  Pictured below is my husband, Jono, my Mom, Sister, Jono, and I hiking in Montana, and my rescue pup, Wes, with his favorite (no longer squeaky!) toy Alligator.   

Other things that #PROPEL me include:  (2) a deep commitment to justice and empowerment, things that I try to work toward, in some small way, every day and (3) a passion for learning that means that even when I make mistakes (which we all do) I'm determined to learn from them and move forward.  Perhaps that's why I love this entreprenuerial hashtag: #failfastfailforward!   

2. I #PROPEL others by: 

Finding their strengths.  The best gift that we can give one another is finding and amplifying each others' strengths. Supporting one another's ambitions, pushing one another to ever greater heights, THAT is how we #PROPEL one another.  Luckily, it matches another Ms. JD Conference theme: #StrongerTogether.  

3. I think Ms. JD #PROPELs others by: 

Creating community.  We are #notyourmotherslegalorganization and we're not afraid to do things a little bit differently.  We're open to challenging norms and questioning whether things need to be the way they've "always been."  We love social media and we use it to our advantage.  (If you don't already follow Ms. JD on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you're missing out!) 

We recognize that the legal profession has work to do, particularly around diversity, but we refuse to focus solely on the doom and gloom.  Instead, we get strategic about making the profession and our individual careers better and we support one another in accomplishing both.  We know that we can rise through the profession together and we're #determinedtorise.  

We're excited about and proud of our legal careers but we're also thrilled to promote our sisters who have chosen to go on and do other awesome things!  (Check out Nicole Chiu-Wang's or Sonya Passi's stories for examples.)  We think that finding your passion project is just as important as making the legal profession a better place and we want to be there for you as you do both!  

4. I'm excited for Ms. JD #PROPEL on March 3rd at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law because: 

The Ms. JD Conference is an event that I look forward to every single year.  It produces an electric energy and a real commitment to change. I always return to home more ready to take on the world and with new friends who are excited to help me do it.  Oh, and we have A LOT of fun!  I hope I'll see you there! 

Editor's Note: All of us at Ms. JD are gearing up for our Ninth Annual Conference themed Ms. JD P.R.O.P.E.L. "Promoting Retention Opportunity Partnership Excellence and Leadership" which will take place March 3, 2017 at Northwestern's Pritzker School of Law.  You can learn more about the conference here:  

As part of our preparation, we're writing blog posts about what propels us.  Join in the fun by answering the four questions above on your own blog.  Never written for Ms. JD before?  Here's how to get started: 

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