What #PROPELS Ms. JD’s Vice President Liz Hague

1. Three things that #PROPEL me are:

(1) Learning - Ever since I was a little kid, I've devoted my time to reading and learning about the world around me. I love that as a lawyer I find myself digging into diverse subjects, and using that knowledge to advocate on behalf of my clients; (2) Improving the world around me - through volunteering, my Board service, and trying to make my community a better place; (3) My amazing family, friends, and partner Roy, who keep me grounded and remind me to find the fun in life.

2. I #PROPEL others by: 

My personality type is INFJ ("the Advocate"), which means I'm idealistic, but also action-oriented. As an attorney, I like to think I ask the hard questions and know how to make a plan to take ideas and make them real.   

3. I think Ms. JD #PROPELs others by: 

Letting female law students and attorneys know they're not alone. The legal profession can be isolating, especially for women and minorities who don't always see people who look like them in the profession. I love that Ms. JD provides a space for honest conversation about these issues, builds community, and highlights women who shine. I also love our willingness to evolve and embrace new technology, which can be so helpful to faclitating our mission and provides an accessible, fun space share, collaborate, and grow.

4. I'm excited for Ms. JD #PROPEL on March 3rd at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law because: 

I love the opportunity to see my Ms. JD family in person and meet new Ms. JD community members. When we get together, amazing things happen every time.

Editor's Note: All of us at Ms. JD are gearing up for our Ninth Annual Conference themed Ms. JD P.R.O.P.E.L. "Promoting Retention Opportunity Partnership Excellence and Leadership" which will take place March 3, 2017 at Northwestern's Pritzker School of Law.  You can learn more about the conference here.  

As part of our preparation, we're writing blog posts about what propels us. Join in the fun by answering the four questions above on your own blog.  Never written for Ms. JD before?  Here's how to get started: http://ms-jd.org/join-us/write/. 

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