Liz Vaysman

What Stronger Together Means to Ms. JD Board Member Liz Vaysman

To me, stronger together means . . .

Being surrounded by intelligent, caring, and motivational people that are on your team.  This includes men and women, friends and family, and professional colleagues. Remember that this means you are on their team too!

I’m a member of the following professional organizations, which have demonstrated to me that there is strength in numbers . . . 

I’m going to sidetrack a bit from this question.  Aside from professional organizations, I've experienced "strength in numbers" through other avenues.  I regularly take classes at a fitness studio where there is a wide range of ages and careers.  It is truly a community, where you motivate each other to see how much stronger you can be physically, and in turn this strengthens your mental capacity.  Because of this, I’ve made lasting friendships and actually enjoy working out.  Professional organizations are of course critical to your career, but finding a community outside of this, whether a fitness studio, book club, or even group of friends whom you will always brunch with, is also vital to your own growth.

My mentor(s) taught me . . .

That there is always more to learn about yourself by changing your perspective. You can make light of the worst situations by taking the time to realize what aspects you can control, and using this to make the situation better for yourself.  

My mentee(s) taught me . . .

About continuing to believe in myself even when things don’t go as planned.  Having someone come to you for help and guidance, even when you don’t see that side in yourself, is really inspiring.

Before, during and after this year’s conference, I’d like to help members of Ms. JD’s network by. . .

Pushing them beyond their comfort zone.  Before I was a part of Ms. JD, speaking in front of legal professionals was a terrifying thought.  Now, because I have been pushed to speak in front of all types of people and groups through Ms. JD events and online through the blog, I am much more comfortable and even enjoy doing so.  I hope to show others how the Ms. JD community helps you to heighten your own expectations for yourself and make something a common reality rather than a distant fear.

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