What “Stronger Together” Means to Ms.JD Board Member Julie Silverbrook

Ms.JD is hosting its Seventh Annual Conference on Women in the Law: Stronger Together on March 5 & 6, 2015 at UC Hastings College of the Law. In the lead up to our annual conference, Ms.JD board members, staff, and annual conference participants will share what our conference theme “Stronger Together” means to them.

To me, stronger together means . . .

That we work together to not only improve the culture of the legal profession as a whole, but also to devote some time to helping other individuals within our ever-growing networks achieve professional fulfillment.

Self-empowerment is the key to group-empowerment and vice versa.

I’m a member of the following professional organizations, which have demonstrated to me that there is strength in numbers . . .

(1) Ms.JD

(2) The National Association of Women Lawyers

(3) The National Association of Women Judges (yes, you can be a member if you’re not a judge. There are many opportunities for lawyers, and, even law students, to participate).

(4) The American Bar Association

(5) Women’s Bar Association of Washington, DC

My mentor(s) taught me . . .

To take risks, do what I love, aim to make a difference in the world, and to never stop learning.

My mentee(s) taught me . . .

(1) You are never too busy to lend a helping hand.

(2) Creative energy is contagious. Whenever I spend time with one of my mentees, I always leave feeling inspired to start a new project.

Before, during and after this year’s conference, I’d like to help members of Ms.JD’s network by. . .

Offering to assist law students and early career lawyers interested in working in the non-profit sector. If you want to work with, lead, or start your own non-profit, please feel free to reach out to me at Silverbrook@ms-jd.org.

* Julie Silverbrook is the Executive Director of The Constitutional Sources Project (www.ConSource.org), a non-profit organization devoted to increasing understanding, facilitating research, and encouraging discussion of the U.S. Constitution by connecting individuals with the documentary history of its creation, ratification, and amendment. She holds a J.D. from William & Mary Law School.

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