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What to Expect: Ms. JD and White & Case LLP present Intergenerational Relationships on April 13

​Ms. JD is excited about its upcoming "Intergenerational Relationships" event with White & Case LLP on April 13, 2016.  The event will be held live from New York from 12-1:30 pm EDT and viewing parties will be held in several cities, including the recently added Chicago and London viewing locations!  The other locations are Washington, D.C., Miami, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.  A conference line is also available.  More information and registration is available here!

Why is discussing intergenerational relationships so important?  As you have probably heard time and time again, obtaining mentors and skills from senior lawyers is critical to advancement.  However, building relationships across generations has proven sometimes to be difficult and unfortunately has negatively impacted retention of young lawyers in places where their talents could be assets.

Come join us to figure out concrete ways to build strong intergenerational relationships!  Below is more information on the issues that play a significant factor in building these relationships.

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