When is My “Education” No Longer First on My Resume?

I'm pretty sure that every single person in my law school's public interest program has a resume that looks just like mine. Garamond size 11, anyone?? We all shared a career counselor and we all got the same format, font, and tone. I don't mind. Except that I haven't been in law school for a couple years now, and I'm wondering when I'm supposed to take a fresh approach. And I no longer have a career counselor to tell me.

I know at some point your education gets eclipsed by your work experience both sequentially on the page and as a professional qualification in general. But when is that exactly? I've had two jobs since law school: a clerkship and this executive directorship. The next time I apply for a job is that more important than where I went to college? I'd like to think so. 

Maybe it depends on what my next job is. If I'm applying for another executive position within a non-profit my work is more important? But if I'm applying for a BigLaw associateship, I've still got to divulge my grades? Thoughts?



Got a friend’s resume recently to forward on to someone who’s looking—graduated in 1999—and it’s TWO PAGES LONG (::gasp::) and his education (including his GPA—wth‽) is at the very bottom. I don’t know when it becomes appropriate to do that (or violate the 2-page rule), but I definitely don’t have the courage to pull that off, yet! (Class of ‘11.)

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