When There’s a Mismatch Between The Value of Your Time and How You Spend it

I want to challenge you today, to really think about how you value your time.

Let’s start here: Do you believe your time is valuable? I hope you’re nodding, because I promise you it is – you’re amazing and definitely a big deal (it’s just us, let’s be honest, you rock).

Now, assuming you agree with me, does the way you act and fill your time match up to that? In other words do you treat your time like it’s valuable?

For example, what are the things that cost you time that you know deep down you don’t need to be spending? Maybe for you that’s extra time your perfectionist side puts into things that are not that important (oh how I’ve been there!) because you’re worried about being judged if things aren’t totally perfect, or because overdoing and overthinking everything is your default setting.

What are the things you spend time on that are not really worthy of your time but you take on for some reason? Maybe it’s because you feel bad saying no or don’t know how to say no…or because you’re just used to doing it…or because it’s become habit.

And what are the things that you don’t make time for that you know you should? Those things you should prioritize if you really believe that your time is valuable. For example, people who believe their time is valuable realize their time is limited, that they only have so much of it, so they know investing a little time into freeing up more time and using their time well, is one of the most valuable ways to spend their time. It’s like investing a little bit of money to get a lot more money back!

And of course, like money, your time should be spent well because it’s valuable. So, are you spending time on the things, people, and goals that are the most important to you? I hope so but if not, remember that taking a time out to make at least one small adjustment can be well worth the time spent. You’ll be glad you did.

Here’s to your time – it’s as valuable as you are awesome (very!), so I hope you protect and invest in that important resource,

PS – Are you treating your time like it’s as valuable as it is?  If not, take a little time to adjust – it’s well worth it!

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