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As the 2019 Writers in Residence program kicks off, we here at Millennial Women are thrilled to kick off our column and welcome you, our readers. As we start blogging, we thought the first question we needed to address is: why are we here? Meaning, why are we creating a blog post monthly, and why should you read our posts?

Well, aside for our brilliant writing and cool blog title name (at this point both Elise and Melanie have rolled their eyes at me)… but in all seriousness, we want to discuss issues affecting diversity in the legal profession. And not just in the high level sense: why is diversity important? It’s been well-established that building a diverse legal team—in a firm, company, or in government office—makes for a more well-rounded, creative, and innovative team (and a better product). But there’s not been as much discussion as to what diversity actually means. We want to suggest a broad definition which includes categories that are not typically thought of… including age and – specifically to the heart of our column—the millennial perspective. What millennials want and value is impacting the work force generally, as well as the legal industry. We want to bring the millennial perspective to the table, and in doing so, further discussions of diversity in the legal profession.

In our blog, we plan to tackle hot-button issues for millennials such as: health and wellness, work/life balance, mentoring, branding and business development, challenges millennials may face in the workforce, challenges women specifically face in the workforce, and ways of getting involved and giving back to your communities. We also are excited to hear from you, our readers, on topics that you feel are relevant and important to your professional (and personal) lives.

Until next month,

Lindsay, Melanie and Elise


Susan Smith Blakely

Hi Lindsay, Melanie & Elise, I am so pleased to meet you Millennial Women.  As you may know, I write about women lawyers and millennial lawyers, and you will see many of my blogs on this site.  I hope that those blogs and my books will be helpful to you and your fellow millennial and women lawyers.  Let me know if I can help you.  You can find me at my website: Best of luck with your work! Susan Smith Blakely


Hi Susan! Thanks so much for reaching out. We’re so excited to check out your website and blogs. Looking forward to continuing the conversation about millennial and women lawyers. All the best, Lindsay, Melanie & Elise

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