Why write for a law blog?

I write as a form of activism and because I love writing.  The recent election has taught me that many of our peers are willing to overlook disrespect and threats to women, people of color, and others who are different from themselves – in exchange for paying lower taxes or securing a better job for themselves and their families.  These peers include almost half of college graduate voters and more than a third of voters with graduate-level education:  these are well-educated people, some of whom probably follow law blogs of some sort or are in social circles with people who read law blogs.

Writing for a law blog is an effective way for any lawyer, law student, or person interested in becoming a lawyer to practice and hone our writing skills.  It is an excellent way to learn about legal issues that interest us – a mechanism that pushes us to research and engage with our topics of interest.  It is a great way to join a community, expose our ideas, and creatively make a name for ourselves. 

But especially for those of us interested in bringing about social and political change in the legal community, writing for a law blog gives us access to an audience of not only like-minded people who cheer for the same values we do and vote the same way we do, but also access to a potentially wider audience including those who disagree with our positions but whose perspectives we can potentially inform and influence.  Writing for a law blog can thus be a tool for activism, an act to bring about social and political change in the legal community.  

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