Win a Ticket to From Burnout 2 Breakthrough: March 9th in Chicago

I am super pleased to announce that one lucky woman from the Ms. JD community will be attending this fun CLE workshop in Chicago absolutely FREE! We encourage practicing attorneys, non-practicing attorneys, and law students to apply.

My co-presenters and I created this event for you. You with the brilliant mind and passionate heart. You went to law school to make a difference, didn't you? Did you know there are ways to make that difference, while still making a living, besides pro bono work?

It's true. There are lawyers all around the U.S., and the world, finding ways to be themselves, and be a lawyer - to feel fulfilled both financially and at that deep, soul level. Lawyers who don't feel hamstrung by difficult choices, who achieve "work/life balance."

At this event, you'll hear the success stories, and learn how to create your own. We'll show you:

  •    The psychological and physiological link between stress and burnout, and what you can do to overcome it;
  • The negative impacts of stress on a productive law practice, and how you can best reduce your stress to be a more effective attorney;
  • Ways you can practice law with a purpose higher than profit, yet still have reliable, comfortable earnings;
  • Who your real stakeholders are, and how they'll help you create a sustainable practice;
  • The insight, intelligence, and intuition you might be ignoring, and why it's the key to being happy, healthy and wealthy;
  • What are your best next steps - you'll leave the event with an action plan in hand!

PLUS you'll get 5.25 Illinois MCLE professionalism credit hours!

Are you ready? Apply today for your chance to Make a Difference, Make a Living and Have a Life:

For those of you who want to register for the event now, members of the Ms. JD community receive 10% off ticket prices with the code "MSJD" - register now at

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