Win Your NWLSO A Viewing Party Of ABA President Laurel Bellows’s Ms. JD Webcast!

Ms. JD is very excited to be working with Kirkland & Ellis LLP to bring you the opportunity to webcast one of the top women in the law, ABA President Laurel Bellows, into your school!  In addition to being the ABA President, Laurel runs her own firm, The Bellows Law Group.  In short, she's a woman we look up to and think you will too!  On January 31, 2013, Laurel Bellows will answer your questions about how to become a women leader and entrepreneur in the law in her presentation Building Her Power Base: A Conversation With ABA President Laurel Bellows on Leadership and Entrepreneurship.  

To ensure that your NWLSO has a great turnout for your broadcast, Ms. JD is offering you the opportunity to win a viewing party!  NWLSOs who are interested should submit a blog-length essay by January 25, 2013, responding to the following prompt: 

"Our NWLSO has demonstrated leadership and entrepreneurship this year by ..."

To submit your essay, you will need to create your own Ms. JD account and upload your blog post directly to the site.

How To Create a Profile
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Please feel free to upload a photo that reprents your NWLSO for the blog post. At the end of your essay, please submit a short (4-5 lines) bio using the following format:

[Your Name] is a [1L, 2L, 3L] at [University] Law School. She received her bachelor's degree from [University] where she majored in [subject]. [Describe experience here]. In her spare time, she enjoys...

If you are having trouble creating a Blog Post, please contact staff@ms-jd.org.

Once you have created your blog post, please enter your name, email address, and a hyperlink to your post in this form.

Ms. JD will notify the winning NWLSO by January 27, 2013. 

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