Women Leading and Defending the Rule of Law

Now is the perfect time to be a lawyer!

Society needs rules that organize nature's chaos. And, Society needs the added value of clear thinking about the role of law in the context of the rules.

Only lawyers can provide this insight. Whether global treaties or new calls for constitutional changes within our nation, lawyers provide the filter between emotions amid confusion and the voice of rational approaches to complex problems that divide people. My blog therefore offers a fresh perspective to help readers to find their own voice when discussing law for outreach to the public.

There is much beauty and justice in the law. So too, this must become available to people by sharing stories of cases, by discussing legal history and thinking carefully about the role of lawyers and the rule of law. People need accessible information in order to be informed, so that the law is a source of joy, not confusion, regarding important facets of daily life. My blog therefore looks carefully and objectively at the role of law in society by focussing how women lawyers can make law more accessible to everybody.

My 2017 blog is practical, offering hands on information about how legal systems work in society based on my professional life at the state, federal and international level of government, but also exploring good things that lawyers can do to benefit individual clients and also for the greater social good:. 10 ways to reduce billable time for small businesses clients so they are more willing to engage lawyers; discussion of disability law,(is the law the Same for every BODY, and if not, why?); how to prepare presentations for ABA Law Day about the US Constitution, and essentials of discussing law for general audiences in schools and public libraries.   

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