Women’s Rights On The Work Desk

Editor's Note: All opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. 

The world is talking about equality and taking measures to ensure the same and corporates are now channelizing towards building a workforce based on talent and not gender. Even in this era, there are instances reported where women are discriminated at their workplace and not given due credits of their work. 


For some, it’s about not being taken seriously while others have felt it by way of unequal compensation at the time of initial hiring and, not being given due promotions later on. There are several such cases of mental, emotional, physical harassment, just because women are considered not par to men. The harsh trust is that only a few get reported.

This also gives rise to sexual harassment. The need to do “extra” for getting your work recognized leads to this web. 


Such things not only kill the motivation of the employee but also poison the self-confidence the individual had been carrying within themselves. Many women quit work and choose it as their fate and carry the scar in their hearts forever.

Such occurrences shouldn’t go unnoticed and should bounce back to the employer for following unethical practices at the workplace. While some big corporates actively organize awareness programs giving insights of law related to women’s rights, women’s working in certain sectors of society still doesn’t know the existence of any law to protect their rights.

Now the question is why do you need a good attorney?

You would come across thousands of people who would know the law by heart but would lack insights and many others who can offer you the latter but won’t have any knowledge of the law. In this situation, all you need is a legal counselor; someone who knows the legal provisions and can make the situation comfortable for you by hearing you like a friend of yours and give you insights of the best solution available.


However, the law is there, the fear of getting infamous is also there. Sometimes, in spite of legal help available, the victim is unable to gather the courage to solicit the same and take the matter to the court. 

It is needed from the attorney that they feel your pain and carry that zeal to provide you the justice and not just take it like a case which they have taken. Perhaps, this is what makes an attorney a better one. The job is not only to try to win the lawsuit but to do it in a manner that the wounds of the victim stand treated by the end, irrespective of the outcome. 

Well, there is one such attorney with a history of empathy towards the clients and expertise of their domain. You can leave all your worries to them, and they would not disappoint you. They have successfully helped people suffering from property damage, emotional distress, any personal injury, or civil cases. Professionals such as Hutchison & Stoy analyze your situation and take serious steps to solve it. 

Where there is injustice, go for someone who can help you raise your voice against it.

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