Write Effective Lawyer Bios and Attorney Website Copy by Following these 6 Tips

When a potential client finds your website or is referred to you, they want to read through and get a good understanding of your law firm, the attorneys and your professional abilities. What they don't want to encounter is copy that's difficult to understand and navigate through. They want to feel confident in their choice they are making by using your services, but don't want to feel as though they are out of the loop when in comes to being informed. Ease their minds and gain their confidence with strong copy that's understandable to a person who isn't an expert in law, by following these 6 tips to create more effective writing.

Don't be so lawyer-y

Not everyone can understand the language of lawyers. As a matter of fact, the majority of people can't, so it's a good idea to stay away from the legalese and speak in a language the everyone can decipher. If your potential clients were experts in this field, they would probably have no need to hire you. So, speak professionally but speak in words they can understand. You may also want to keep the writing to a minimum, because most people won't have the time or patience to read through pages upon pages of writing. A simple tool like Easy Word Count or Grammarix can keep you on track for staying below a given word count.

It shouldn't be a carbon-copy of your resume

You may very well be accomplished and well educated, but there's no need to rehash your resume on your website. Although a client will be interested in knowing your level of accomplishment, they will not be interested in reading it as though it was pulled directly from your resume. But, make sure your grammar is correct, using PhD Writers, because bad grammar can reflect quite poorly on your level of professionalism and attention to detail. If you want to make references to outside sources when you're telling clients about yourself – whether it's a past case you worked on, a piece you had written in a magazine or journal or some other source, you can use Cite It In to properly reference those works.

Connect with compelling stories

Keep things interesting by using compelling stories to connect with your clients and let them know about you. Whether it's a story about how you got into a specific type of law or an experience as a child that directed you towards law, personal and real stories are always interesting. If you're looking to title the story you've written, a title generating tool like Academized can help you think of an interesting title that will make your story a must-read. Once you've written that story, have a professional set of eyes at Paper Fellows look it over and proofread for errors.

Don't be afraid to be a real person

Clients want you to be as professional and reliable as possible, since you are representing their interests. But, they also want to know that you are not a robot. Show them a little bit of your personality through your interests and hobbies, tell them a story about how you became a lawyer or let your personhood shine through in some other way. But, don't let mistakes in your writing come through. Use AcademAdvisor for grammar resources and help. And, even though you're telling your own story, it doesn't mean you can't get copywriting help from Assignment Help to tell it more effectively.

Use testimonials

"You can say as many good things you want to about yourself, but when someone else says those things, it has so much more impact" - says Joseph Mayfield, a Marketing Specialist at Ukwritings. A past client has nothing to gain from saying positive things about your law firm, so their words seem highly unbiased. Even though your testimonials are in the words of your past clients, you can still proofread and edit those words for spelling and grammar using resources from State of Writing to guide you.

Use a call-to-action

If you're trying to attract clients to your law firm, you should be including a call-to-action on each page of your website. Whether it's for potential clients to get more information from you, get a quote or something else, you want them to commit to taking some form of action. If you hope to get your clients to take action, you'll first want to make sure your copy is edited, because nothing will kill your professional reputation faster than bad writing and mistakes. An expert at EssayRoo or Write My Essay can do all of the editing work for you.

Your website copy needs to cater to the needs of your clients and their level of understanding. Instill confidence in them by being relatable, understandable and professional through the tone you set in your website copy.


Dina Eisenberg JD

Great tips!  Telling a story is the best way to get clients to connect with you. You have to position yourself not as the hero, but rather as the guide who helps your clients to solve their legal woes.  If you’re not sure how to tell that story I highly recommend reading Don Miller’s book, Building a Brand Story. It walks you through the steps to create copy that’s both clear and compelling.

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