Writing for Law Blogs: From Pre-Law to Practice

The law, you realize even before attending law school (‘Lawyers have to read so much!’ people around you exclaim), is reading and writing-based. As a lawyer, your writing ability is one of your most powerful tools.

As a law school applicant, I relied on law blogs for information on applying to law school, of course, but also for insight on law school life as well as life as a practicing lawyer. As a law student, I relied on law blogs for advice on classes, networking, jobs, and the myriad other issues you deal with during that time. After graduation, I continue to rely on them to stay up to date, engaged, and connected. 

Writing for law blogs provides the writer with similar benefits to the reader. No matter the level of experience in the legal industry, from pre-law individuals to experienced practitioners, legal professionals can benefit from writing for law blogs.

For law students going through and graduating from law school in a competitive job market, writing for law blogs can help you discover legal areas you are interested in, stay competitive by developing the soft skills you need to thrive in a legal career, such as time management, and find jobs. As a practicing legal professional, it can allow you to stay relevant and add value to your clients when technology is increasingly taking over certain tasks, or dig into legal areas or topics related to the legal industry that aren’t part of your daily practice.

I was drawn to the legal profession because of my love of words and the power they can have. Writing for a law blog allows you to refine that tool and harness its power even further by developing your own voice within the legal profession, crystallizing your ideas and thoughts by putting them on paper, and engaging with the legal community.

In addition to developing your own voice, refining your own writing tool, and going into depth on a legal subject, by writing for law blogs legal professionals provide an important service to pre-law individuals interested in law school, law students, and practicing lawyers.

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