You Don’t Always Get What You Want

As an older student, people always ask me:  "Why did you decide to go to law school?" I explain how my skills and abilities match those required by lawyers; and the profession will allow me to help others and make a difference.  That response is not untrue; just incomplete. 

I started law school to regain my confidence in my own merit as an individual.

Contrary to lip service, society does not value homemakers’ contributions. We admire money and tangible accomplishments.  After leaving a successful career for the opportunity to live abroad, I focused my energy on kids, husband, and home.  Ten years later, I craved acknowledgment for my abilities, and law school satisfied that need.

Recovering my self-respect proved more problematic. Never have I worked so hard to be rejected and unsuccessful.  This painful ‘reality check’ will further my personal growth, but will my diminished confidence impair my success as a lawyer? 



Very honest article, thanks for sharing.

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