What are your favorite blawgs?

What are your favorite blawgs?

Right now Ms. JD's blogroll is pretty short.

We've got links to a handful of organizations that share missions similar to ours: the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession and NAWL, the National Association of Women Lawyers (promoting women in law), Damsels in Success (promoting women in any profession), and the Project for Attorney Retention and Law Students Building a Better Legal Profession (promoting work/life balance).

We've also got links to a couple of litigation projects that support women: the ACLU Women's Rights Project and Legal Momentum (which is affiliated with NOW, the National Organization for Women).

Lag Liv

Think Like a Woman. Act Like a Man.

Knocked Up (and In Law School)

A Little Fish in Law School

Build a Solo Practice

Dahlia Lithwick at Slate

Feminist Law Profs

The Glass Hammer

JD Bliss

The Juggle (Wall Street Journal)


My Shingle

PT-Law Mom

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