Interview with Sports Law Professor and Author Maureen Weston - On the Field: Women in Sports Law

I’m pleased to introduce Pepperdine University School of Law Professor Maureen Weston, J.D. Professor Weston is the Director of the Entertainment, Media & Sports Law Program and Dispute Resolution Project, in addition to her service on countless boards including the Sports Lawyers Association, American Association of Law Schools Law & Sport, and the Editorial Board of LawInSport. A graduate of the University of Colorado Law and the University of Denver, Professor Weston previously worked as an attorney. Her research interests include sports law, dispute resolution, ethics, and the intersection of these areas. We are pleased to welcome you, Professor Weston.…

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Things I Wish I Knew Before Law School

Final Exams When you are in college students grades are made up of several different factors including homework, generally 3-4 exams, projects, essays, presentations and sometimes attendance. This is great because it gives you a cushion if and when you do poor on an exam, there are other things you can do to get your grade back up before the semester ends. this is not the case. Before law school there was generally several test all usually with equal weight on your grade. When you are in law school, the majority of your grade in a class is based around…

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First Generation Success Story: 3L Year - Where I am, where I am going.

    I am currently in my final year of law school, my 3L year. This year is my last year of law school… actually, my last year of school ever. Notoriously, this year is referred to as the “bored to death” year.  I would really like to know who told 1L and 2L me that your last year of law school is best year ever because you’ll be bored more than anything. Because I am requesting my refund now! My 3L year is BEYOND busier than second year and MORE stressful than my first year! I signed up for…

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What To Do When Your School Can’t Help You Get a Policy Job

In law school, I had an amazing party trick. The first month of school everyone was asking the three standard questions. “What’s your name?” “Where are you from?” And finally, “what do you want to practice?” The first two elicited pretty typical responses. But, the third was my astounding trick. Instead of saying I wanted to be a prosecutor or a civil litigator, I said I wanted to work in policy. Brows furrowed. Jaws dropped. Panic flickered in their eyes. They could not understand why someone would suffer the three-year torture of law school to never see the inside of…

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Lawyer Wellness Initiatives…State by State!

 This year, the world seems to be becoming more fit and active. It is so nice seeing people getting outside and breathing in the fresh air. People all over our communities are really taking an interest in fitness, wellness programs, and self care. In a career where there is a high mortality rate due to suicide, as well as industry wide problems with stress and substance abuse, Bar Associations all over America are providing assistance for their members. Let’s check some out:   Alabama-Has established a Quality of Life Task Force for attorneys as of August 2018. The Task Force…

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Do you make these four billable hour mistakes?

It really bugs me to see anything holding amazing women lawyers back. And we talked yesterday about how crucial it is that you regularly calculate whether you’re on track for your billable hour target. That's why it breaks my heart a little when I see lawyers making these four mistakes: Mistake #1 "I'll just set billable hour goals for each week/month." Lawyers that take this approach to tracking their time end up with very inaccurate numbers and often find themselves scrambling to catch up on hours. Why does this happen? Because billable hour math is not straightforward, so just dividing…

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Executive Director Needed for the National Conference of Women’s Bar Associations

The National Conference of Women's Bar Associations is now accepting applications for executive director. The deadline for submissions is January 31. This is a part-time position with flexible hours. For more information about the position and how to apply, please click here.

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Why Your Law School Might Not Help You Find Your Next Job

Most law schools have an enthusiastic and hard-working career counseling office and staff. If you are headed to a law firm, and especially if you are headed to a BIG law firm after graduation, these offices will likely be your best source for recruitment and placement. But what if you want an alternative beyond practicing law after law school? What if you want to use your high level analytical legal thought training in a more creative field? Will your law school career office be of much help? Probably not. To be clear, it's not that your law school doesn't have access to alternative…

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Tips to Prepare for Your Law Exams

Of course, stress level often builds up and keeping calm becomes almost impossible when a law student is about to sit for their exam. The field of law is competitive, and students have to prepare well to ensure they pass their bar exam. Exams are also an opportunity for law students to demonstrate the knowledge they have acquired over their study course. While this may seem daunting, practice and proper preparation can make a significant difference. The following are incredible tips to help prepare for a law exam. Sharpen Your Writing Skills Writing skills are crucial to first-year law students.…

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Avoid Being Paralyzed By Fear

Fear can be a very complicated emotion, on one hand, it can completely immobilize or paralyze us. On the other hand, fear can motivate us to push past it and move forward. Earlier in my career journey, I was a legal assistant to a social security disability lawyer. She would often make demands for medical records at the very last minute (sometimes less than 24 hours before going in front of an ODAR judge). Each time that she did this I could feel my throat tightened and palms sweating as fear consumed my body at the thought of my job…

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