Angie McCarthy

Call for Applications: Master of Laws LL.M. in Law and Government, Specailzation in Gender and Law

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS American University Washington College of Law Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Law and Government Specialize in Gender and the Law Defending women’s rights requires a commitment to justice, creative approaches to the law, and specialized knowledge of the legal challenges facing women. American University Washington College of Law’s unique Gender and the Law Specialization is an LL.M. program focused on women’s rights and gender equality in the United States. Prepare for a Career Defending Women’s Rights The Gender and the Law specialization falls under the Law and Government Program’s Civil and Constitutional Rights concentration area. To receive…

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Job Sharing, Has anybody witnessed it?

Deborah Epstein Henry, of Flex-time Lawyers, has a thought provoking article in the July/August Issue of Diversity & the Bar entitled, "Stepping Into Your Shoes: It's Time for Job shares in Law Firms." You can find it at: (thanks to for the tip)The article is very straight-forward and it does a great job of describing the ins and outs of a job share arrangement for attorneys.I've witnessed a job share arrangement for legal assistants in the firm and it seems to work without complication. I've also witnessed enough "client teams" to know that more often than not there…

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Is Being a Mother and a Lawyer a Lose-Lose situation?

How could anyone possibly resist this face? I know what you're thinking- what does a cat have to do with a post about mother and a lawyer? Well for me, my pets are often what spawns these thoughts about life balance. When I look at the face of my cats and dogs with their sad eyes and the "please don't leave me" look, I feel riddled with guilt. So what happens if I ever have kids? How will I feel when I have to leave them? Most of the talk on this site has been about how to do it…

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The Firms Where You Are Most Likely to Make Partner

Working Mother Magazine didn't rank firms by how many of their partners are female, but I'll do it (using their data)! Of the fifty firms named "best for women" by WMM and Flex-Time Lawyers, which firms have the highest proportions of equity (profit-sharing) and nonequity partners? The standouts are Folger Levin & Kahn (San Francisco), Ice Miller (Indianapolis), Armstrong Teasdale (St. Louis), and Katten Muchin Rosenman (Chicago). [More after the jump]It seems noteworthy that none of these firms is headquartered on the East Coast, even though most of the firms in the WMM list are. The firm that leaps out…

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The 50 Best Law Firms for Women

Click here to go straight to the list.Flex-Time Lawyers and Working Mother Magazine have just released a ranking of "The 50 Best Law Firms for Women." It is the September cover story of WMM. You can download PDFs of the press release and two articles at Debbie Henry's website: Young, Gifted and Leaving, and Making Partner. I wanted to get this news item posted for y'all ASAP, so I will be back to post some more when I have read through the methodology. Meanwhile, I have a couple of comments based on what Debbie has told me in the past…

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Susan Cartier Liebel

When In Doubt About Going Solo, Look for Life’s Little Affirmations You Made the Right Decision

This post is a little more intimate because I am going to share a personal story. But then, again, going solo, being an entrepreneur is a very personal and intimate decision.Every entrepreneur has days when they question why they went into business for themselves as well as their transition from employee to self-employed, self-employed in one business to another business. (And I've been in business for myself for 13 years.) They think, "I can't believe I've done this (or am doing it)? What was I thinking?" And they enter a period of self-questioning which if left unchecked can unravel the…

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Re-Interviewing for Legal Jobs as a 3L

The author is a 2007 graduate of Stanford Law School. If your plans on where to move after law school have changed since 2L interviewing season, or you just didn't like your 1 or 2L summer jobs, then you might find yourself re-interviewing as a 3L. I interviewed for both firm and public interest jobs the fall of my 3L year, and here are some things I learned (sometimes too late) along the way about firm jobs and about government and public-interest jobs. Firm Jobs If you got an offer from your previous summer job, make sure you mention it…

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I will be a volcano.

"We are volcanoes. When we women offer our experience as our truth, as human truth, all the maps change. There are new mountains." – Ursula LeGuinEntering the legal profession is quite a different matter from being a woman. Both make me proud, give me insights into complex social and political issues, and comprise particular lenses through which I interact with the world. They differ mainly in the level of objective optimism with which I see them. Being a lawyer is effectively joining the 21st century American aristocracy. Being a woman is living in a constant struggle to be taken seriously.Our…

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Carol Simpson

Playing “the gender card” in the courtroom

This past week I attended court for the first time in my three years in law school. Actually attending a real court has not been part of any of my courses to date, so this was an event that was particularly interesting. I was attending an evidentiary hearing in federal court, after having written the analysis of an important change of facts in the case. The hearing was before a female judge, and both the plaintiffs’ attorneys are female, as well. When the defendant’s attorneys arrived, there were two men and one woman. It was obvious that their plan was…

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Carol Simpson

Avoiding burnout on the Death Row defense bar

Each week during our internship, the legal staff has an “Intern CLE,” or some sort of legal lecture. Sometimes we watch a video on some aspect of public interest law, followed by a Q&A with an attorney practicing in that field. It may be someone working in criminal defense, legal aid, a lobbyist, or a legislative aide. We even watched Good Night, and Good Luck. The interns get to learn a little about other areas of public interest law, and can network with attorneys in other non-profits. And it serves as a little break in an otherwise intensive work week.We…

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