Childcare = Superwoman’s Big Secret

I stumbled on a great little article about a lawyer mom who is “keep[ing] the scales in balance”, posted on The Chicago Tribune. It’s a nice read except for one glaring omission: any mention of childcare arrangements. The focus of the article is a full-time patent lawyer, Sharon Hwang, who gives credit to her husband, her sister, her parents, and her firm for helping her keep her life balanced. However, the article doesn’t say anything about help of the hired sort. Too often stories about successful women who seem to have it all fail to explain how these women achieve…

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Lawyer pleads guilty to spying on female colleagues [Clippings]

 The AP reports, A former Legal Aid Society lawyer pleaded guilty Wednesday to illegally using a hidden video camera to spy on female co-workers as they changed clothes in their offices.Peter Barta, 32, of Queens, used a camera hidden in a clock to videotape five co-workers in the public defense agency's Manhattan offices, recording at least one woman with her breasts and buttocks bared.The women told police they regularly changed clothes in their offices before and after work. . . .Barta pled to a felony so he is automatically disbarred. Thank goodness.You can read the full AP news article [Newsday] and…

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Bringing the Women Back: Law School Paves the Way for Women in the Profession

I am no stranger to classrooms where one gender radically outnumbers the other. My undergraduate college continues to maintain a ratio of 1 man for every 3 women despite going co-ed four decades ago. As a graduate student in philosophy, I usually found myself just one of only 2 or 3 women in 20 person seminars. I entered law school at the University of Illinois eager for a more balanced classroom. I knew that most first tier schools have a 45/55 split in genders favoring men. Having long ago learned to hold my own in a variety of educational environments,…

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Remarks by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg [Clippings]

Lily has written a pair of blog posts recounting a reception and CLE course that she attended with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg this week. Read about Justice Ginsburg's remarks here and here [Owens Rhetoric via Blawg's Blog].

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Suspended UConn law prof will return to work, but will not be allowed to teach feminist legal theory [Clippings]

Two weeks ago when law prof Robert Birmingham showed a clip from a documentary that contained an image of a scantily clad woman, he was asked to take an immediate leave of absence from the UConn School of Law. Now comes word that Birmingham will return to teaching in the spring--but he won't be allowed to teach his course in feminist legal theory that had been previously scheduled.Read the original news of his suspension here and the follow-up about his return here [via]. What do you think? Does the sanction fit the crime? Was there any crime?

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Last time I checked, it wasn’t any of your business. . .

I am not sure how other peoples' employers have treated you when you were pregnant or getting ready to take pregnancy related leave, but it seems to me that there are too many people who are almost what I would say "jealous" of anyone getting "benefits" because of a pregnancy (I would say most of these people are male and not of childbearing age).  Since my last submission, we have moved to our new city and it's approximately 90 miles from my job. I am fortunate enough that my mother lives in the same place as my job and has…

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Catherine Roraback, Civil Rights Trailblazer [Clippings]

Catherine Roraback was the only woman in her graduating class at Yale Law School in 1948. Because of her gender, she had to come and go by the back door at the New Haven Graduate Club. She went on to champion civil liberties, litigating for the Black Panthers in the 1970s and winning the landmark Supreme Court case Griswold v. Connecticut. She passed away this week at age 87. Read more about Catherine Roraback in her Hartford Courant obituary.

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Ms. JD Weekly Roundup

Ms. JD Weekly Roundup: Week Ending October 21

Law Blog (Almost) Lawyer of the Day: 18-Year-Old Kathleen Holtz If Doogie Howser were a woman JD... Student Group Grades Firms on Diversity, Pro Bono Work Report cards are in: see Law Students Building a Better Legal Profession's results on women in firms, now with cool charts. 10 Women on the Move Texas Executive Women honors ten women--four of them lawyers--who have made a difference in the Lonestar state. Civil Servant Works Quietly U.S. Attorney Michele Fox recovers "taxpayers' money from liars, cheats, and thieves." Women at the Top Deliver on the Bottom Line Companies make more money when women…

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Becoming the role model I always wanted

Communism came to an end in my native country of Albania when I was in first grade. I recall vividly all of the events that took place in my city. People came from all over the country and made their way to the port. Audacious men, women and children crowded ships to overcapacity to cross the Adriatic Sea, eager to reach Italy--many not surviving the journey. People looted stores and offices, while others held demonstrations no longer fearing imprisonment or being sent to work camps. At last, people felt what freedom was like after 50 years of enduring an oppressive…

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Call for Stories about Mentors

Call for Stories about Mentors Posted October 18th, 2007 by bethb I am currently writing a law review comment on the status of women at big law firms. I am particularly interested in the purported lack of effective mentoring for female associates at large firms. This is where you come in... I am asking women who are working/have worked/know women who have worked at large firms to share stories with me about the role mentors have played in their work life. I will not ask for names of firms or the women's names, even (if anonymity is a concern). I…

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