1Ls: Finals Are Over, Time to Find a Summer Job

For those of you finishing up your first semester this week: Congratualtions! Next step: summer job. 1L summer jobs can be found in firms, non-profits, government agencies, judges' chambers, and law school. Each has distinct benefits and its own application timetable. It's time to think about all of them now, because winter break may be your chance to get a foot in the door. Law Firms: not long ago paid law clerk positions were reserved either to the very top schools or the very top students. But in the last few years more firms are hiring more 1Ls from more…

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When Other Women Hate You Because You’re Beautiful

No one really talks about it, but one of the main issues preventing women from getting along with other women is jealousy. In the professional world, it breaks down to one of two things: jealousy over how good you are at what you do or jealousy over how good you look doing what you do. These related but distinct problems each deserve their own post, so I’ll start with Green Monster #1: when you’re prettier than the average woman. Many of you reading this are probably already feeling an aversion to the topic—none of us likes to admit that other…

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More Part Time Lawyers Are Women (duh)

NALP just released some new numbers on part time lawyers (see here for the New York Law Journal writeup). These are some pretty telling stats. Less than 6% of all attorneys work part time, even though 98% of law offices report offering part time options. Not surprisingly, most of those working part time are women (only 5.4% of all attorneys worked part time; close to 13% of women worked part time). New York continues to lag behind other markets in terms of flexibility in work arrangements. This sounds like women are leaving work rather than taking the part time options…

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Ms. JD Weekly Roundup

Ms. JD Weekly Roundup: Week Ending December 14

Fighting the Subtler Side of SexismLorelie Masters, the president of the Women's Bar Association of the District of Columbia, offers thoughts on "the soft bigotry of low expectations." Networking groups help Hispanic women get ahead Anne Marie Estevez, an employment lawyer at Morgan Lewis & Bockius in Miami mentors Hispanic women lawyers.Tara gets bad rap by Grant lawyers 

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Angel Dust

Big Problem with Law Firm Claiming to be the best law firm to work for in the Bay Area

This blog wants to expose the shameful truth about one of the largest law firms home based in San Francisco, California. Their claim to fame is that they were voted for 11 years in a row as one of the best law firms to work for. In reality, the management personnel of this huge firm suck. They are awful. They only protect their own asses. Some of these management personnel have been with this firm for a long time. They are set in their ways. They will kill just to protect their own jobs. The newcomers and minorities at the…

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7 Truths that Every Working Woman Should Know Before Having a Child—Part III

Okay truth #3: Post-Partum depression is very real and can affect those who least expect it.I am not positive that I suffered from clinical PPD after the birth of my first child. The truth is that I never told anyone (until now) about the symptoms I experienced. However, I cried a lot. I worried like crazy. I often felt helpless and alone. I never had the urge to hurt myself or the baby but I had moments where I had to let him lie in the crib and cry while I pulled myself together. I knew that the hard times…

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Finding Work in the Work-Life Balance

Much talk on Ms. JD has been devoted to the work-life balance, or the idea that one can have a career, and still have time to come home and do a load of laundry from time to time. Or even (gasp) have a hobby, or read a non-work related book. Of course, for many recent graduates of even top tier law schools, the work-life balance discussion is purely academic. I’m still trying to find work to put in balance with my life. So what does the post graduation job search look like, you may ask? The conventional wisdom is that…

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Decisions, Decisions: Choosing a Clerkship (or a Firm Job)

I find myself comparing the search for a clerkship to the callback process one suffers through as a 2L. Sitting in the airport, again, listening to my fellow classmates talking about how many offers they received from various firms, I find my mind wandering to those 3Ls who are applying to hundreds of clerkships with the hope that one might work out. In both interviewing with law firms and applying to clerkships, it seems as though each process lacks a discretion that we normally use in our lives. Our future employment is an incredibly important decision. We are deciding on…

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Ms. JD Weekly Roundup

Ms. JD Weekly Roundup: Week Ending December 7

The Lawyer Bride Who Sued Her Florist: She’s Back! Lawyer Elana Gatt sues her $27,435 wedding florist--read the complaint and answer Racinian is first female judge on District II Court of Appeals Lisa Neubauer set to become first female judge on the District II Court of Appeals in Wisconsin. Martz-Bowles is a Renaissance lawyerMichelle Martz-Bowles, a lawyer with the Maryland Public Defender's Office, launches the Amos Foundation to help those incarcerated who have innocence claims Wanna Master the Universe? First Master the Tax Code Erin Callan, former tax lawyer at Simpson Thacher, transitioned her legal skills into investment banking.Kate Brown…

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7 Truths that Every Working Woman Should Know Before Having a Child—Part II

Okay, as promised here is Truth #2: Lamaze classes are not required training.I know, I know.... I am really going to hear it from OB docs, lamaze trainers, doolas, natural birth advocates, etc. So, I will repeat what I said in my first post in this series and that is that this advice is my own. It is meant to share some things that I learned the hard way during my first pregnancy and attempts to balance new motherhood with working in a demanding profession. I am not an expert. Here's the thing. I was busy while I was pregnant.…

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