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The 2018 Ms. JD Fellowship Application Is Now Open!

The Ms. JD Fellowship, one of our most popular programs, is now open for applications! In 2010, Ms. JD partnered with the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession to found the Ms. JD Fellowship. The Fellowship is Ms. JD's program to promote mentoring and professional development. Each spring, Ms. JD selects a group of outstanding second year law students as Fellowship recipients. In addition to receiving invitations and financial support to attend ABA and Ms. JD events, each Fellowship recipient is paired with a mentor chosen from among the Brent Award honorees, Spirit of Excellence Award recipients, and ABA Commission on…

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Susan Smith Blakely

What is Wrong with the USNWR Rankings?

The US News and World Report 2019 rankings of law schools is out.  See it here.  Yes, it is still early in 2018.  But, as you will read, there are some folks who benefit big time each year from this early information. If you are a Pepperdine Law graduate, you are not going to like the new rankings.  If you are a graduate of a lot of other law schools, you may not like them either, but probably a little less than the Pepperdine folks.  At least you may see your school ranked. My problem with the USNWR list has…

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Susan Smith Blakely

Women Lawyers and the Motherhood Penalty

Are you familiar with the "motherhood penalty?"  Well, you should be.  According to an article published earlier this week, the "motherhood penalty" is identified in a recent study as one of the reasons why women make 81 cents of every dollar a man makes.  When, in fact, research also shows that having children raises wages for men, even correcting for the number of hours they work. The gap between what mothers earn and what childless women and males earn is significant, and the gap between mothers and childless women has not narrowed since the 1980's --- even though the share…

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How to Choose a Rewarding Practice Area

No matter which stage of the law school journey you're in, you're probably thinking about which practice area to specialize in. The practice area you choose will affect your long-term career success. Make the right move and you'll be far more likely to enjoy greater job satisfaction and security. Make the wrong move and you'll struggle to find professional fulfillment. But how do you know which move is the right one and which one is the wrong one? Know Yourself and Your Passions If you're looking for both professional and personal fulfillment in your law career, you need to know…

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More Women, Less Problems? 5 Predictions On The Implications Of More Women in The Legal Profession

It is an exciting time to be a woman in the legal profession. I am definitely not suggesting that things are all “rainbows and butterflies” for female attorneys or that there isn’t still a lot of work to be done to close gender gaps. However, in 2016 women made up the majority of  law students in the United States for the first time. In 2017, also for the first time, A-list included gender among equity partners as a ranking factor in determining which law firms are best. And, the wage gap - while still present, is narrowing. The tide is…

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Looking The Part: How Important Are Lawyer Stereotypes?

What does a lawyer look like? In a world full of stereotypes, the word ‘lawyer’ typically conjures up images of older men in suits, holding forth in front of a courtroom or handling a tough negotiation. For young women just breaking into the legal field, then, these stereotypes pose particular challenges. How do you break old-fashioned and sexist models while still earning clients’ trust? In order to strike a balance between oppressive tradition and authenticity, your best bet is to focus on professionalism in its broadest sense. These 3 strategies can help you project that polished image, even if you…

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“So You Want To Be a Corporate Lawyer?” Episode 3 of the Ms. JD Pre-Law Mentoring Hangout

On this episode of the Ms. JD Pre-Law Mentoring Hangout created by the illustrious Ms. JD Pre-Law Program Director, Genevieve Antono, aspiring attorneys came together with a current law student, Alexi Thomas, and former corporate lawyer, Van Ann Bui, to discuss what it means to practice corporate law. We covered many topics from securing a coveted law firm associate position to what a typical day in the life of a corporate lawyer is like. The insight offered by both Van Ann and Alexi expanded my knowledge further on what it means to be a corporate lawyer - even having done extensive…

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5 Life Tips for Balance in Law School

     As a second semester 3L, I've learned some nuggets of information along the way that I hope to pass on to current and future law students so that you can get past the “surviving law school” stage and actually thrive in it and in your personal life as well. All of the tips on this list are things I’ve incorporated into my life and daily routine, I hope they’re useful to anyone reading this post! In no specific order, here it goes: 1. PROTECT YOUR HAPPINESS: I recently read a book on happiness and the flaws of having a…

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Ways In Which Big Data Analytics Can Boost Your Business

The good thing about doing business in this era is that you can efficiently collect data from your clients. The data may include social media interactions, mobile application usage, and digital clicks. Because clients’ social norms have changed, their expectations have escalated. In this article, you will learn how big data analytics can help optimize business operations.   1. Proactivity and ability to anticipate needs. Businesses are experiencing competitive pressure to not only win new clients but also understand what they need and make their experience better and perfect. Since customers can share their data, it is up to you…

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How to Boost Employee Morale and Create a Dedicated Workforce

Employee morale is crucial to your success as a business. The happier your employees are about coming in every day, the more effort they will make to perform their job duties. The better they feel about themselves, the better they will treat your customers. As an employer, you must be proactive in taking steps to boost their morale for your company and them. The following are three things that you can do to help.   1. Be Caring and Understanding One of the biggest complaints that employees make is that they do not feel like they matter to the higher-ups.…

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