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Standing Out in a Male-Dominated Firm

Male-dominated firms are common, and perhaps that’s because women make up just 35% of the legal profession. In private practices, just 22.7% of women are partners and 19% are equity partners. Women judges are also underrepresented, with just 33% of Supreme Court Judges being women. Salaries for women, compared to the salary of men, are also lower, and this figure dropped from 89.7% to 77.6% between 2015 and 2016. Statistically, women are at a disadvantage in the legal field. It's essential that a woman stand out in a male-dominated firm to be able to demand higher compensation, have the chance…

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6 Great Jobs For Up And Coming Lawyers

Any recent law graduate will readily attest to the time, effort, and commitment that was necessary to reach their goal. Many new members of the bar knew exactly what type of lawyer they would be upon entering law school. For others, the options for lawyers are so plentiful they may try different routes before finally settling on the one they like best. In any event, the up and coming lawyer has many job routes from which to choose.   Immigration Lawyer Lawyers that deal with immigration issues guide individuals, families, and business owners through the complex maze of immigration law.…

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Why Your Law School Might Not Help You Find Your Next Job

Most law schools have an enthusiastic and hard-working career counseling office and staff. If you are headed to a law firm, and especially if you are headed to a BIG law firm after graduation, these offices will likely be your best source for recruitment and placement. But what if you want an alternative beyond practicing law after law school? What if you want to use your high level analytical legal thought training in a more creative field? Will your law school career office be of much help? Probably not. To be clear, it's not that your law school doesn't have access to alternative…

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Things I Wish I Knew Before Law School

Final Exams When you are in college students grades are made up of several different factors including homework, generally 3-4 exams, projects, essays, presentations and sometimes attendance. This is great because it gives you a cushion if and when you do poor on an exam, there are other things you can do to get your grade back up before the semester ends. this is not the case. Before law school there was generally several test all usually with equal weight on your grade. When you are in law school, the majority of your grade in a class is based around…

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Etiquette for Holiday Gifts in the Workplace

Gift-giving is a time-honored and thoughtful way to build business relationships, especially during the holiday season. Both within and outside of the firm, a thoughtful present is an excellent way to acknowledge the importance of a relationship, show appreciation and build goodwill among friends and colleagues. However, if the gift is inappropriate, too personal or inappropriately priced, it can have the opposite effect. Consider these etiquette tips to ensure your gifts are just right. Whether you’re sending a gift to a coworker or business associate from outside the office, the best approach is to select a gift that can be utilized…

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Apps To Help You Stay Organized In Law School

One aspect that contributes toward success in law school is staying organized. The chances are that a law student won't study well when they keep losing their study materials, take notes in different places, and lose their handouts frequently. Nonetheless, modern technology such as apps has come to their rescue. Law students can turn their tablet or smartphone to multi-tool and use them for organizing their notes and handouts. The following are apps that can help law students stay organized and move in the right direction. Quizlet It is a versatile and universal digital flash card that let law students…

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Statistically Weeping: Gratitude - Part I

Last Saturday morning I woke up with an elephant sitting on my chest. That seems to be the phrase a lot of people use, and by now I can confirm its accuracy and appropriateness in describing a panic attack. I haven’t had one in weeks, dare I say months? And I immediately railed against my lack of control over the entire situation. A part of me was convinced that I should be better than this. Stronger than it. I should be able to breathe my way out. Make a list in my head of all the good things going on…

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First Generation Success Story: 3L Year - Where I am, where I am going.

    I am currently in my final year of law school, my 3L year. This year is my last year of law school… actually, my last year of school ever. Notoriously, this year is referred to as the “bored to death” year.  I would really like to know who told 1L and 2L me that your last year of law school is best year ever because you’ll be bored more than anything. Because I am requesting my refund now! My 3L year is BEYOND busier than second year and MORE stressful than my first year! I signed up for…

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Effective Ways to Prepare for Your Law Finals

Succeeding for your finals in law school requires much more than showing up to class. There is a lot of preparation and time that is put into becoming a good lawyer, but one of the main things to realize is that there are no shortcuts. Finals for any student can be daunting, but even more so in law school. Fortunately, with the right tools and mindset, they can be passed with flying colors. The following tips will provide you with an insight on retaining as much information as you can whilst also amplifying your comprehension. Effective Ways to Prepare for…

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Do you make these four billable hour mistakes?

It really bugs me to see anything holding amazing women lawyers back. And we talked yesterday about how crucial it is that you regularly calculate whether you’re on track for your billable hour target. That's why it breaks my heart a little when I see lawyers making these four mistakes: Mistake #1 "I'll just set billable hour goals for each week/month." Lawyers that take this approach to tracking their time end up with very inaccurate numbers and often find themselves scrambling to catch up on hours. Why does this happen? Because billable hour math is not straightforward, so just dividing…

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