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Work-Life Balance, not just a plea from us Ms. JD bloggers

One of my favorite blogs, The Juggle, has a post today about young doctors that are looking for some work-life balance and steering clear of jobs where they would be expected to be on call at all times in the life. At the end of the post, Sara writes: Despite the downsides, this industry shift toward family-friendly solutions was probably hard to imagine just a few decades ago. Might there be a similar shift on the horizon in other industries, like consulting, i-banking, or big law?Now, as I just said, The Juggle is one of my favorite blogs. But, wake…

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Should you supplement CA BarBri with PMBR

So, the first thing I want to point out is that this is not a paid advertisement and I don't have a relationship of any sort with Kaplan PMBR.Congratulations to all graduates. I think most around the country will graduate some time over the next three weeks or so (sorry, Chicago!). If you are like I was, you may be looking to the not-so-distant future and wondering if you have the right plan to tackle studying for the bar exam. Hopefully, this advice isn't too late, but if you haven't signed up for a course that will supplement BarBri's MBE…

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Bar Study Challenges for a Studier in a New Community

Study challenges; what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.I studied for and took the bar exam in a city other than where I went to law school. The local law school libraries were not all that convenient or close to my house and all three are private schools that I wasn’t familiar with. Therefore, I decided to study primarily in public libraries. This presented unique challenges, all of which are able to be overcome. I’ll share some of the pros and cons of studying in public libraries here in case any readers find themselves in a similar situation:Pros: you…

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Number 63 and Abandoned: A Rant From the Forgotten Eighty Percent

I’m not in the top twenty of my class. I’m not even in the top twenty percent of my class. In fact, by definition, the majority of my law school class is not in the top twenty percent of my class. Yet, we keep being forgotten by our professors, our deans, and perhaps most noticeably, our career services offices.How many speakers, meetings, and panels have I sat through only to find out that what they’re discussing doesn’t apply to me because I’m not in those top slots? If I’m even interviewed, I will probably not be hired by a large…

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Advice on Passing the Bar Exam: Part IV

Hey 3Ls - congrats on graduation!! For advice on what to do with the next t[wo] weeks before official bar preparation begins check out the forums. For my advice about what to do once studying begins ... I took the California Bar Exam in July 2007. I took it on a laptop in Los Angeles, CA. To prepare I took Barbri's live lecture series in Los Angeles. I did not take PMBR. Barbri Advice First of all, there’s no advantage to attending a live class as opposed to a taped one – except for that it seems less ludicrous to…

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Ms. JD Weekly Roundup

Ms. JD Weekly Round-up: Week Ending April 25, 2008

A Lawyer of One's OwnNobel Prize winner Shirin Ebadi shares her passion for peace with BarnardO'Connor reflects on how law professor helped shape her lifeIN THE NEWS / Woman lawyer to fight for women's rights at U.N.Texas Attorney Jailed For Obscene Gesture In CourtThe joy of not practicing lawJealous attack lands judge and her husband in hot waterThe gender issue

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Ms. JD Announces its Public Interest Law Scholarships!

Ms. JD is pleased to be offering two $500 scholarships for law students working in public interest this summer. Unpaid judicial externs also qualify for these scholarships. This year's essay topic asks applicants to discuss myths about being a law student. Did you experience any pleasant surprises upon starting your study of law? Did you learn any law school 'lessons' the hard way? Ms. JD wants to hear about them. Applications are due no later than June 1st. More information is available at (you must be logged in in order to apply).

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Is Tattling On Yourself Admirable or Stupid?

The other day, I made a mistake at work. It was the kind of mistake that my boss may or may not have ever noticed, the kind of mistake that doesn't have far-reaching consequences but is nonetheless wrong. Also important to note is that this was the kind of mistake that was already out there, and there was nothing anyone could do to change it or somehow make it less of an error. When I realized I'd made the mistake, I decided to email my boss right away and tell him what I'd done. He wrote back and acknowledged that…

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Ms. JD Weekly Roundup

Ms. JD Weekly Round-up: Week Ending April 18, 2008

Ashby Jones Asks Why There are So Few Women Atop the Law-Firm PyramidThe Globe and Mail Reports that Women Lawyers Face Unique Challenges in Sole Practices and Small FirmsThe Bangladesh National Woman Lawyers' Association Advocate for More Women to be Nominated in ElectionsWith Only 8 Percent of Firm Head Positions Filled by Women, Female Law Firm Leaders Remain SparseReport on Participation in the Women Rainmakes Roundtable - A Program to Help Successful Women Lawyers Become Successful Business DevelopersAttorney Anna Barbara "Bobbie" Hantz, a Partner at Nashua-based Gottesman & Hollis, P.A., Selected as One of the "Top 10 General Practice Lawyers"…

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Gen Y and the Blame Game

The New York Times’ Lisa Belkin—she who graced us with the oversimplifying phrase “opt-out”—is a good writer, and she frequently touches on subjects that I find personally compelling. This is largely because she’s one of the few mainstream media writers writing about the working life struggles that I face or will face, and which I spend a lot of time thinking about. (Why she has been cosigned to the Styles Section, rather than, say, the Business Section, and what message that sends about the valuation of issues relating to working women and men vis-à-vis their personal lives, is worth a…

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