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Liz Vaysman

“What I wish I would have known” with author Susan Smith Blakely

Last week I had the opportunity to hear Susan Smith Blakely, author of the Best Friends at the Bar books for young women lawyers, give career advice to a group of eager young professionals, including both men and women at the LadiesDC happy hour.  Susan emphasized the importance of helping all women succeed in business and how the best way to that is to craft Personal Definitions of Success. During the event, I was able to steal Susan away for a few moments for a short interview on what she wished she would have known through various phases of her…

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Trading in the Expense Account: Transitioning from Big Law to Public Interest: Home is Where the Heart Is

I have moved about 16 times since I left my parents house. They weren’t all “big” moves – some were just for the summers during college and law school – but, when it came to filling out my address for the last five years on my character and fitness application for the bar exam, they all clearly mattered. The 75% pay cut that came with my new job meant that another move was on the horizon. I loved my old apartment and probably would have sacrificed a lot to keep it, but there was no amount of ramen that would…

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Passion Forward: Throw Out a Line to the Future

Editor's Note: Ms. JD friend and supporter Victoria Pynchon is sharing what being Passion Forward means to her.  You can get in on the action too!  Tell us what Passion Forward means to you by posting to the blog. And, if you haven’t done so already, mark your calendars! Ms. JD’s 2014 Conference, Passion Forward, will be hosted February 21-22, 2014 in Austin, Texas at the University of Texas School of Law!Achieving our passion is a life-time pursuit that is commenced with the most fear at its inception. More than thirty years ago, I decided to go to law school even…

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The Right Moves For Your Career

“Are you a military spouse? Welcome!” Despite not being a military spouse -- or for that matter, an attorney (just a paralegal) -- I felt very welcomed. As Ms. JD’s social media intern, I had the honor of attending Military Spouse JD Network’s Annual all day conference, “Making the Right Moves” in Washington, DC. Here are my Top Five Takeaways from the conference: 1) Values/motivators are an essential part of our personal AND professional development. After introductions, we jumped right into professional development.  This began with a values examination led by Linda Mercurio, the Executive Director of the Lawyer Reentry…

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How Passion Forward Came to Be: Our Inspiration for Our Spring 2014 Passion Forward Conference in Austin, Texas

Every year, the Ms. JD Board of Directors works hard to bring law students and young lawyers new information and advice to propel your success within the legal profession. To do this, we rely on our daily blog posts, our many programs, and our annual conference.The amount of time, hard work, blood (okay, okay, no blood—that I know of), sweat, and tears that goes into planning our annual conference is great to say the least. Without exaggeration, the better part of each year is spent planning and preparing for the conference that lies ahead. Although it may sound like a…

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Lindsey Urban

New Law Student & Young Lawyer Rate for NAWL 2013 Annual Meeting & Awards Luncheon

Law students and young lawyers now receive a discounted registration rate to the 2013 NAWL Annual Meeting & Awards Luncheon!Join over 800  leading women lawyers from across the United States and abroad at our 2013 Annual Meeting & Awards Luncheon held at the historic Waldorf=Astoria on July 25th.  NAWL will recognize and honor leading lawyers who have made significant impacts to improve and diversify the legal profession, as well as NAWL members who, through their time and effort have made exceptional contributions to fulfilling NAWL’s mission. In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in interesting and timely CLE…

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Katy Goshtasbi

Personal Branding Corner:  What Does Your Brain Have To Do With Your Brand?

Disclaimer: I am NOT a neuroscientist!  I am far from it.  However, what I am is an avid student of what makes people tick.  In many ways, I started my company based on my fascination with why some lawyers had an effective personal brand and career, and others did not.  That led to my exploration of the brain and mindset of successful personal brands.Many of my clients have such an interest as well. Others just want to have their work with us re-affirmed somehow.   That's where I turn to my friend and UCLAprofessor, Dario Nardo.  Dario company is Radiance House. …

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Trading in the Expense Account: Transitioning from Big Law to Public Interest: The Agony and the Ecstasy

I am currently completing a year-long fellowship at a nonprofit. My term comes to an end at the end of the summer, and I already find myself looking back on the last eight months and feeling grateful, but also a little excited about the fellowship ending.  I am grateful for many reasons that I probably cannot even accurately describe: this job has opened up my mind and heart to a lot of issues that I had never seriously considered before. Professionally, I have worked with some amazing people and have acquired skills that I would never have learned at a…

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Liz Vaysman

Creating success at the Hit the Ground Running Bootcamp

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to participate in the Hit the Ground Running Bootcamp at Vinson & Elkins in DC.  It was truly an unbelievable experience.  I was given individual feedback from experienced attorneys on my communication, networking, and self-promotion skills while interacting with local leaders in the legal profession.  We learned everything from how to approach a cocktail reception to how to manage your LinkedIn page to the best way to get your point across to a boss.  After hearing each influential speaker, we broke up into small groups and practiced these much needed skills with seasoned…

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Walk a Mile in My Heels, by Anonymous Woman Attorney

Today is Equal Pay Day.  That is the date the salaries of women catch up with the salaries their male counterparts earned in 2012. There is much public discussion about why it is that women do not succeed at the same levels as men and about the dissatisfaction many young women have with their careers.  The reasons for these situations might just stem from the fundamentally different experience that women and men have on the job. With respect to the legal profession, it is difficult for many male attorneys to understand the work environment of most female attorneys. Imagine, though,…

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