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Institution Builders, Innovators and Initiators: In Good Company

Institution Builders, Innovators and Initiators: Women Lawyers Who’ve Started Something: As a member of the inaugural class at the UC Irvine School of Law, I’m beside myself to be a part of so many firsts – the first day of class, the first law review, the first visit by the accreditation committee. Having an immense sense of ownership in helping the campus build, and having a stake in the new school’s success, really resonates with me. And while I’m doing my part largely by showing up to class, I’m inspired by amazing women who have answered a need, fostered an…

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Ms. JD Weekly Roundup

Ms. JD Weekly Roundup: Week Ending January 14, 2011

This week the news focused on the stories of the shooting victims in Arizona.  The legal community is mourning the loss of Chief Judge John Roll and watching the miraculous recovery of Representative Gabrielle Giffords.  One interesting piece of her story is her membership in a tight nit group of women in the Congress.Meet Judy Clarke: Death Penalty Defense Lawyer for Jared Lee Loughner, Susan Smith, and Ted Kaczynski. Flex Time Flourishes in the Accounting Firms meanwhile NALP Reports a 1.4% Increase in the Prevalence of Part Time Lawyers in the last 4 years.Davos Imposes 20% Gender Quota on Participating…

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A Run in Her Stockings: How the Fabulously Average Law Student…Starts a New Semester

A Run in Her Stockings is an inspirational advice column for the AVERAGE female law student. This column will show readers that there is nothing wrong with being "average" because, well, being average is quite normal. However, being "average" in LSAT scores or law school grades does not mean that you can't show others (especially employers and classmates) how fabulous you are in real life! We will explore how the fabulously, average female law student obtains journal membership, excels in extracurricular activities, passes the bar exam, and more!New, EXPENSIVE textbooks…Check!Crisp, clean notebooks…Check!Colorful, sharpened pencils…Check!Bright, neon highlighters…Check!  It is that time of…

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Legal Chai

Legal Chai: “You Will Have a Great Legal Career.”

Legal Chai: I am a 2010 law graduate and recent bar passer, employed in the public interest field. I am gearing up to take another bar in February 2011. I love the law, but do I love lawyers or the legal profession? Not so much. I think lawyers need to relax, periodically marinate over why we are lawyers in the first place, and really enjoy our world. I'm a free-thinking lawyer, full of ideas and love and commentary on our world, life, the law, politics, and the great beyond. Because after all, we are people first, lawyers second.This seems to…

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Stories of Ms. Law: Finding a Legal Hero

Stories of Ms. Law: Every lawyer loves a good story. From the complaint, to the brief, throughout the closing argument and up until the final decision, everything begins with the facts, the details, the story. Everyone knows exactly what happened to Ms. Palsgraf on the train platform, Dred Scott after he crossed state lines, and Captain Thomas Dudley and first mate, Edwin Stephens after their twentieth day marooned at sea. Certainly, lawyers extrapolate, twist and turn the facts when applying them to procedural and theoretical rules but the story remains the starting point, that wields undeniable power. Similarly, feminism has…

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Ponderings of a Law Professor: Finding Your Own Path

Ponderings of a Law Professor:  Nearly half of all law students are women.  While their increasing numbers have helped change the law school experience to be more inclusive, it still seems an experience that favors the unattached and the unencumbered.  Women students struggle to balance their roles as women, wives, mothers, and caretakers with law school’s often all-encompassing demands, which sometimes seem easier for men to meet.  They try to hold onto the essence of themselves, which the law school culture sometimes seems intent to change.  For those women who come back to law school as professors, life on the…

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Pro Se Pragmatist: Breaking the Sound Barrier

Pro Se Pragmatist: Musings of a Right-Brained Girl in a Left-Brained World: This column is about my unique perspective as a creative soul in law school.  My work and life experience before endeavoring to become an Esquire was rich with culture and the arts.   In the past few months I have found myself reaching out in various ways to satisfy my right brain while still fully engaging in the law school experience.  I would like my writings to be a tool for people in law school (or even in the profession already) who would like to incorporate balance in their…

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2011 Writers in Residence

Ms. JD is pleased to introduce this year's distinguished group of Writers in Residence. They have a tough act to follow - the blogs of the 2010 Writers in Residence were truly fantastic. They brought us the inspiring stories of women like Carolyn Edgar and Jackie Lacey; great advice on everything from working out in the cold to negotiating your salary at a small firm; and the definitive explanation for Why You Must Know A Little About Football.  I know I speak for our entrie readership when I say thank you all for your generous contributions to Ms. JD.So without…

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paula black

In Black & White: Developing a Personal Brand Mindset

In Black & White: The Basics of Legal Marketing: A book of business is power. We all know that. But in these times it’s not as easy as it once was to build and grow a practice… you have to know how to market yourself. In Black & White: The Basics of Legal Marketing takes simple marketing ideas and transforms them into business development tips, advice and strategies that can set a course for your entire career. From networking and referrals to writing a marketing plan to personal branding, we’ll cover the strategies that make sense for lawyers and show…

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Ceteris Paribus: Gender (In)Equity in the Field

Ceteris Paribus: Whether in academia, in practice, or on the bench, women lawyers have yet to achieve gender equity in the legal profession.  Despite high numbers of women in law school for years now, the pipeline theory hasn’t proven true!  Ceteris Paribus (“all things being equal”) examines contemporary issues of and obstacles to women’s advancement in the field, including the glass ceiling, pay discrimination, sexual harassment, the mommy track, or just plain, old sexism, which still rears its ugly head from time to time.  This column will help you identify lingering inequalities in your workplace and offer strategies for coping…

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