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Me and the Boys

Forget the Linen Closet: Me and the Boys are Playin’ with the Big Trucks

My boss had me meet opposing counsel and our experts today at a truck stop on the edge of town so that our expert engineer could take measurements of a diesel "tractor" truck involved in an accident.  Both attorneys from the other side are older men, and both the experts are older men. I stick out like sore thumb in my deep red oxford shirt, gray plaid slacks and black Tommy Hilfiger shoes.  Everyone else had the sense to wear jeans and workboots or sneakers. I will be 27 tomorrow; easily 10 years younger than each of the gentlemen meeting me.The…

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Jennifer Guenther

Fall Recruiting-What Every Law Student Should Know (A Special Installment from the Desk of a Working Mom)

I have done recruiting for my law firm for seven years now, first doing the call-back interviews, then OCI (on campus interviews), and now as the co-chair of the committee for final summer hires.  There are always those students who stand out, who have top grades and an engaging personality that make them hot commodities for any law firm.  But good grades or a good personality alone do not make a great candidate.  There are other ways to make you stand out in an interview and be memorable for all the right reasons. As a law student, I remember the frustration…

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Jennifer Guenther

From the Desk of the working Mom: Who Are Your “Friends”?

We all like to think that it is one big happy family at work: that when we go to lunch with a co-worker, we are really having a conversation with a friend.   And why not?  As lawyers, we spend more time with our co-workers than we do with our families, let alone our BFF or old college buddies.  Who else are we going to share a laugh with about the case we just won?But what happens when we “friend” a co-worker on-line?  Or a boss?  Or a client?   While it may initially seem like good business sense to respond positively…

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Small Firm Life: Why I do Toastmasters

One of my mentors recommended that I join Toastmasters when I first graduated law school.  At first I was skeptical, I was on moot court and I do not get nervous when speaking in public so I wasn’t sure how I could benefit from the organization.  However, I decided to try it out, if nothing else, for the opportunity to network with other professionals in my community.  What is Toastmasters?  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Toastmasters, it is an international non-profit organization where individuals develop their public speaking skills.  Toastmasters meetings are usually held on a weekly basis…

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Balance? A Day in This OWLS’s Life

Balance -  really?  To attend law school (or have a career), while you are a mom, wife, homeowner, etc., you need a lot of support – hired or donated – to really have “balance.” You need someone to clean, cook, wash clothes, grocery shop, drive children, pay bills, and be home to oversee repair or service callers. Without that help, you have to cut corners, make sacrifices, and accept less. A nanny, stay at home spouse, parent, or other person could and often does provide this support, although that typically requires financial means – often not available to law students.…

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Breaking Chains to Build New Links - Small and Mid-Sized Law Firms

A few months ago now, I started a series in this column to look at how (and whether) networking varies in different areas of the law.  After my column on networking and self-promotion in law firms, I received a request from a reader to do a column about networking and self-promotion for mid-sized law firms since my previous law firm column had featured Ashley Bauer of Latham & Watkins.  As the reader rightly pointed out, some of the strategies and tools Ashley spoke of were not as readily available in a small to mid-sized firm.  (I must digress for a…

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Ashley Dawn Rutherford Esq.

Savvy Shopper-At-Law: Fall Transition Pieces for the Frugal Attorney

I love autumn. It is by far my favorite season. I love vibrant colors, football jerseys, and Halloween costumes. And that just covers my love for fall fashion! However, in the mid-west, fall can be a short transition between hot summer days and the crisp winter weather. Other times, it can be a three month stretch of lovely, breezy football weather. Both of these weather patterns can be difficult to dress for. The following transition pieces can be found for an investment or a bargain (examples included!) and can help you transition your professional wardrobe to meet autumn’s weather demands.(1)…

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What Not to Do: It’s the Little Things that Count

First, to the Ms. JD members, Board, and readers..... thank you for your patience! I spent this summer preparing for the infamous three-day "adventure" otherwise known as the California Bar Examination.  I am happily done with that, and back to my Writer's in Residence Blog, "'What Not to Do.""It's the little things that count." This expression is often coined as cliche and not applied to the working world. In making friends, it’s the little things that count. In being courteous or polite, it’s the little things that count. However, in today’s economy, maybe we ought to apply this phrase to…

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Swimming in Small Ponds:  Going Home

I must apologize to both the editors of Ms. JD and its readers for not fulfilling my column-writing duties.  It has been a very difficult two months in moving back to Lexington, trying to find a job, and realizing that just simply will not happen, setting up a solo practice.  It has been emotionally draining and mentally exhausting.  If I had imagined unemployment to be some sort of vacation where I sit on the couch and watch General Hospital, well, it just hasn’t been.  I’m busier now that I don’t have a job than when I did.  But that’s a…

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Paula Edgar

Esquisite Paths: Chaumtoli Huq

Chaumtoli Huq is a dedicated advocate for her clients as well as a devoted partner and mother.  Prior to our conversation, I had heard a lot about her through professional circles, but we had only met in person once, so I was excited to hear her story.  During our conversation, I learned that we have several things in common, including a childhood aspiration to be an In Living Color “Fly Girl”, being the child of immigrant parents and that we are both lucky enough to have fantastic, supportive partners who support us in our careers and in parenting our children.…

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