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April Christine

The Prosecution Rests: Carmen Lineberger

Assistant United States Attorney Carmen Lineberger exemplifies grace under fire. A graduate of University of Pennsylvania and Temple School of Law, Carmen is not only a federal prosecutor, but also serves as President of the National Black Prosecutors Association (NBPA), an international association of Black law enforcement professionals. Although I have known Carmen for several years since attending NBPA’s annual conferences, this is the first time I had a chance to sit and talk in depth with Carmen. It was very enlightening. This is the first of a two-part interview in which Carmen talks candidly about what it is like…

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2011 Writers in Residence Application Period Now Open!

Do you feel your creative spirit fading as you work tirelessly to perfect your legal writing skills?  Do you miss composing prose that is not in the passive voice or that does not require bluebooking?  Would you like to  share your experiences as a woman entering the legal profession? Ms. JD is currently seeking law students and professionals to serve as 2011 Ms. JD Writers in Residence. The Writers in Residence program consists of a small group of columnists who provide monthly articles on a selected topic. The program launched last year and gave rise to some of Ms. JD's most inspiring,…

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Frank Kimball

Reflections from a Headhunter: The View From the Bottom of Mt. Everest

Professional growth is parabolic with shallow and then steep curves of growth and accomplishment. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember that the lawyer 2-5-10-25 years older than you was also a new lawyer once. What they do easily now is an art and a craft, which they have been honing for years. They cried in the taxi or quaked with nervousness their first time in court too though. All the great ones do. Consider these titans of the bar to be your parents or your big brother or sister - for whom everything seems to come more easily.As a summer associate…

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Vado Porro

Running from the Law: I was Wrong.

I was wrong. I freely admit that at some point, I believed that people who worked from 7am until 11pm could simply get up an hour earlier and squeeze in a work out.  I might have thought that getting up at 5am was no big deal and that it was possible to exercise on your lunch break.  Then I started a job that worked those crazy hours – I took a position with a campaign for state delegate that required pretty much round-the-clock work – 11pm was the earliest I was out.  On good days, I didn’t have to be…

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Naming It, Claiming It: What Ms. JD Did For Me

Note: On January 1, my husband and I made a resolution for the New Year: we would move to California's Central Coast before the end of 2010. This series chronicles the career component of our journey as I attempt to make connections, build a network, and, hopefully (fingers crossed!), find a legal job in the next twelve months. Here are the first, second, third, and fourth posts in the series.  If you’ve been following this series, you’ll remember that this column was born at Brent's Delicatessen in Northridge, California. Ms. JD's Executive Director and I had met for lunch and,…

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An OWLS View: Another Advantage to Being an Older Law Student

Older “Wiser” Law Students (OWLS) generally have more experience which they can draw upon to provide context to their studies, along with greater financial resources, than younger students. Yet, overall, it is probably not advantageous to be an older law student.  Unlike the traditional student, many OWLS have children, spouses, aging parents, real estate responsibilities, and other obligations that “get in the way” of law school. However, last weekend the OWLS at my law school, had the advantage.  But first a little background. When I started  law school, it didn’t take me long to realize I wasn’t like most students.…

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Small Firm Life: Does the Workhorse Get the Biggest Raise?

It's raise time for the attorneys at my firm and although we still don’t know our exact raises, after some gossiping we are pretty certain who is ranked at the bottom and at the top.  Knowing the rankings, I can assure you that the “workhorses” did not get the biggest raises.  The people who are ranked the highest are not the attorneys that work the longest hours or have the most legal knowledge, they are the attorneys who know how to “play the game” the best.  Unfortunately, for people who thought playing the game was only for law school, politics will…

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The End Is Only The Beginning: Playing Big and Being Fabulous

Today is my 30th birthday, and in exactly a week, I will begin my life as a lawyer.  In recent weeks, I have been experiencing the pre-work jitters.  Will I be good any good at this?  How long will it take for someone to figure out that I have no idea what I’m doing?  If the Bar taught me anything, it’s that law school doesn’t teach you everything you need to know to become a lawyer.  So, how long do I really have before I have before I make a tragic mistake and have to figure out a new career…

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Ashley Dawn Rutherford Esq.

Savvy Shopper-at-law: Trendy Shoes for Work and Weekend

Pumps. T-straps. Boots. Wedges. Booties. Slippers. Shoes make women weak. Manolo Blahniks made Carrie Bradshaw exclaim “Hello Lover!” To get her hands on the ruby slippers, the Wicked Witch of the West chased Dorothy through OZ. And, the Handsome Prince was smart enough to return Cinderella’s glass slipper after she lost it at the ball. Every woman loves shoes!And every woman should own shoes that make her feel fabulous (and her feet feel fabulous too!) Whether you’re trendy, classic, or a sexy siren, the following shoes are budget-friendly and fashion forward.Booties – They’re trendy and quirky. Maybe you love them. Maybe…

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Frank Kimball

Practicing & Parenting, Part III

This final collection of parables covers the waterfront from road trips to youth sports to dealing with uber-parents and other strange creatures you’ll meet along the highway of life. After twenty four years of being a parent I know that I learn more from those who I admire than I learn on my own. Feel free to pass along your lessons learned whether they’re profound, light- hearted, or provocative.Do things with kids when they are ready to do them. Parents who take children to Disney World when they are two years old are hereby warned - the kids will go…

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