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Jennifer Guenther

From the Desk of a Working Mom: Beauty Secrets of Success

It has often been said, and allegedly supported by statistics, that if you are taller, more attractive, and have a better physique, you will go further in life.   In elections – the taller candidate almost always wins, right?  Television is rife with attractive, successful people – has any member of “The Apprentice” been homely? And there is more than one blog out there discussing how ‘attractive young girls are getting ahead while the older (seriously, when did 30s and 40s become “older”) women with telltale “mom” bodies are shunted aside, ignored and isolated by this young stiletto crowd.’ Well, it is true…

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What Not To Do, Part III: It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know

Often times, we enter law school- prepared to bury our noses in endless casebooks, speak up in class whenever possible, and buy two supplements for every first-year course to read and highlight on the weekends. These things certainly will contribute to your success come final exam time. However, as Alex learned, getting good grades on final exams is just the starting point…  As a 2L, Alex could be described as your typical “go-getter”. She is smart, hard-working, and ambitious. However, like many other law students, she underestimated the value of networking. All of her time was spent reading for her…

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Ursula Furi-Perry Esq.

Ms. Prof: “Diversifying” at Work, but Is It Working? Snippets from the Dialogue Regarding the Recruitment of Women Law Profs

It’s no secret that there are fewer women law profs than male counterparts: according to the American Association of Law School’s 2007-2008 data, women make up 36.9% of law teachers.  For the same year, the ABA reported that female first-years make up 47.4% of the 1L population; in fact, that number has been hovering in the upper-40s since the late 1990s.   Over the past couple of years, various people in the profession have weighed in about the potential problems with the recruitment of women law profs, along with potential reasons why potential problems exist. Snippets from their discussions make for…

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Paula Edgar

Esquisite Paths: Sunu P. Chandy

I’ve known Sunu Chandy for several years now – we have several friends in common and she’s been a panelist at different events I’ve planned.  I knew that she is a passionate and dynamic advocate for civil rights and that she has been involved in several high profile cases, but I was excited to learn much more about her.     During our conversation, I learned that we have much in common, including a connection to Jamaica, a passion for writing and we are both driven by the personal connections we make in our work.  I hope you enjoy the interview…

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Mommy Law:  It’s time to ask “the Question”

When is the RIGHT time to have a child? This is the question that has frequently been on my mind in the last few weeks.As I wrote my last column I decided to do a little advanced preparation for this post. I started asking people “the Question” just to see what sort of answers I might get. I was amazed by how quickly the answers came, particularly from people who hadn’t started a family yet. It was clear that many of the people I asked about the “right” time to have a child had already given it a tremendous amount…

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Swimming in Small Ponds:  Cultural Considerations

I spent Saturday evening with a bag of popcorn and a movie: the Royal Shakespeare Company’s 2009 production of Hamlet starring David Tennant and Patrick Stewart.  I highly recommend it, it’s simply phenomenal.  Seeing it though, I couldn’t help but think about a trial I watched a few months ago.  It was a medical malpractice case, and the Plaintiff’s attorney discussed Hamlet during the closing argument.  Now, that would have earned bonus points with me had I been on the jury, because I am a total nerd.  However, by the confused looks from the jury, I’d say they weren’t big…

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Vado Porro

Running from the Law: Getting Started

So school has either let out or is letting out for you.  By now, you have probably decided, especially if you are a 1L, that this summer, you will return to your regularly scheduled healthy habits that went on hiatus during your first year.  You have pledged to give up coffee, eat vegetables, and return to the gym.  Some of you have no doubt pledged to start running. And despite the fact that I believe that no one should attempt to start a running habit during the summer, I'm going to give you some advice on how to get started.First…

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Small Firm Life: Jumping to Conclusions

Office politics can be scary and frustrating, especially when you may not have all of the information you need.  This week I was reminded just how important it is to remain calm and gather all information before jumping to conclusions.   I was at a managers meeting where I was informed that everyone else would be performing a new administrative function except me.  I immediately felt frustrated and I began to worry that by not performing this role there would be a perception around the office that I was not at the same level as the other managers.  To make matters…

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Frank Kimball

Reflections From A Headhunter and Hiring Partner: From Recession to Recovery

As the economy moves from the depths of an extraordinary recession to a recovery of uncertain dimensions, many questions confront law students and lawyers in the early years in their careers.  This month’s post  addresses three areas of interest - changing hiring patterns in litigation, the ‘training’ model for new associates, and associate compensation.  Litigation - For thirty-five years litigation has been a key driving force in the growth of the profession. That era is over. Large, mid-size and boutique firms accustomed to working at 110% or more of budget year-in and year-out are experiencing a significant slow down in…

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Me and the Boys

Forget the Linen Closet: Can Working Moms Care about Eating Healthy?

Let's face it, the Food War is raging, the corporate giants that prepare our food are not telling us exactly what they're putting in it or how it's prepared, or how it affects our bodies.  I know that pre-packaged foods, fast foods, microwavable dinners, and frozen chicken nuggets are not the best thing to be feeding my hungry little kids.  But, on the other hand, I feel like I have little time for preparing wholesome meals, shopping around for good deals on produce, and even investigating products to see what I'm actually buying for my family. Another issue is that…

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