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Some of the main differences between private vs. public service jobs as a lawyer

Over the course of my career I have worked in jobs both in the private sphere and the public sphere. There are a couple of clear differences between the two worlds, that I will lay out here based on my unique experiences. First on my list is job stability, since during times like these it is a major thing to consider. Whether you work for a law firm or a private company, you work for profit, and if for some reason or another profit is scarce, you will have to start worry about the future. Government organizations are going to…

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Am I wearing too many hats? Learning how to juggle it all: Take it one day at a time.

It feels like it was just yesterday when I received an email from my daughters’ school mid-March about her transitioning to online schooling. Now, we’re back to square one.  On July 20, 2020, the Governor of Kansas, Laura Kelly, shared the details of Executive Order #20-58. One of the most important sections in this order is the delaying of schools from starting until after September 8, 2020: Labor Day weekend. The order could only be signed if the Kansas Board of Education voted to approve the order. Governor Kelly’s reasoning behind the order was to give districts more time to take precautions against spreading COVID-19. Unfortunately, the Board failed to reach an agreement on the order. However, schools…

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Mid Year Check In- Time to Connect with Yourself!

We are more than half way done with 2020. For most of us, this year has already been more eventful than we would have liked. For all of us, the year has brought a series of changes. When I applied to be Ms. JD Writer in Residence and proposed a topic focusing on the benefits of having a sense of community, I could not have dreamed about the reality we are living in today. I imagined writing articles about networking or finding a community of women who share your ethnic background or hobbies. But 2020 forced us all to rethink…

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Desiree Goff


This is a hashtag currently trending.*  Black and white photos are filling social media as women tag female friends to show their support and admiration. From celebrities to influencers, many of the most active social media users are participating. While the original message may have been lost, what is readily apparent is a worldwide support structure and woven web of female friendship, dependent on each others strengths to support one another. Even though this hashtag is currently trending, it is not a new concept. Women have supported other women for millenia. Why else would we have this Ms. JD website?…

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Practice Pointers - Up-leveling Your Interview Prep

Know what used to give me more butterflies than an actually viable “we both swiped right” first date situation? Interviews. Although, to be fair, interview anticipation was more like having pesky moths or something more insidious eating away at my insides. And I know I can’t be the only one who’s gotten tingly hands and feet at the thought of an interview… So what’s changed? Well, for starters, I’ve done a ton of interviews (both public and private sector) since law school, both as an interviewee and interviewer. And more importantly, I’ve learned how to prepare effectively. So even though…

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Techlegality: On Being a Change Agent No Matter the Path

In true 2020 fashion, the past few weeks have been marked by a monumental moment in history. Congressman John Lewis passed away, and the nation will never be the same. As I read and learn more about his life, I am both fascinated and empowered. Through all of the coverage, my thoughts have gone in many directions, but I’ve been most fixated on his concept of getting into “good trouble.” A trailblazer and civil rights icon, Congressman Lewis recognized that in order to create change, we must speak up and take action when we identify something unsettling. This ideology resonates…

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Space tourism is defined as humans traveling to space for recreation. Yep, instead of going to Paris for dessert, just fly to space, have brunch, champagne and take copious amounts of selfies. Space tourism is currently estimated to be a 23 billion dollar industry. According to an article published in 2019 by tourists will pay a MERE $52 million for a trip to the International Space Station. With the advent of all of this very expensive traveling several legal issues come to mind. The first is liability. How do both space carriers and passengers protect themselves and protect their…

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Everything Nobody Ever Told Me: How To Find A Job You Love, Part One

“You are not given a dream unless you have the capacity to fulfill it” – Jack Canfield Well, you did it.  You made it to law school.  Now, perhaps you are looking for a summer internship, so that upon graduation you can boast some measure of experience.  Perhaps you are on the way to graduating and need to find something permanent.  Maybe you are one of those non-traditional students, getting an education while continuing to work your day job.  How do you make a switch from your present area of employment to a brand new field?  In the words of…

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The Benefits of Voluntary Bar Associations: A Q and A with Nicole Del Rio

We hear about the importance of being involved in different organizations all the time. While this column focuses on connection, I want to remind all the young lady lawyers out there that yes, it is ok to take a step back if you have to rethink how you spend your time. You will not gain anything out of participation in a voluntary bar association if you are stretched too thin. Joining a voluntary bar association can be incredibly rewarding for lady lawyers. To offer a young lady lawyer’s perspective, I’ve asked some questions from Nicole Del Rio, Staff Attorney at…

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Everything is Reproductive Justice - Formerly Known As (Part II)

Dear Leigh,      How do you break up with someone? The same way you break up with your favorite business or even an idea. Remember when you were an adult education teacher in Washington, DC and taught the Declaration of Independence (“DOI”) as if it were a breakup letter? If you analyze the DOI as a break up letter, the DOI provides a break up letter template that begins with the idea that breakups should be done with respect and transparency:   “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected…

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