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How I Had a (Relatively) Stress-Free Summer Studying for the Bar

Now that I am a senior associate in a private law firm, the summer I spent studying for the bar exam feels like a lifetime ago. But when I recently looked back on those days of Barbri lectures, flashcards, and practice essays while chatting with a current law student, I found myself smiling at memories of that time! If that sounds bonkers to you, don’t worry, it did to me too at first. But after thinking about why I could reflect on the summer I spent studying for the bar with fondness, I realized I consistently engaged in some healthy…

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You have decided to re-take the bar. What next?

The decision has been made. You have signed up and sent in all of the necessary paperwork for the next bar examination.  You have marked the date(s) of the exam on your calendar and you know that you need to start studying, again, and soon. Everything outside of these two thoughts might seem blurry and potentially overwhelming but I assure you, you have the tools and y-o-u are capable. Whether this will be your second time or fifth time preparing for the bar, the following is food for thought about how you will position yourself to be in the best…

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Four steps to help you cope with bar exam failure

You receive the news that you have been anxiously awaiting the past couple of months - bar results are posted!  Your heart is beating so fast that you feel it heavy in your chest. Your palms might be sweaty. You check the results and for you, it did not turn out the way you had hoped.  As bar results from the February examination are being revealed across the country, I would like to shed light on what to do when you did not achieve your goal of passing the bar exam. Whatever your initial reaction to the news is, just go…

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Take Two: The Journey to Retaking the Bar—Final Stretch

2 weeks before the February bar. In my last post, I spoke about finding motivation. If anyone found any, can you maybe share? Kidding, though there are days when I could definitely use an extra dose. It seems like my life revolves around this exam. By the end of the day, I’m always exhausted. I've been studying for almost four months, but it's almost over.  Before I began studying back in November, I worked out my new study plan. I had all the outlines, so I didn’t need to spend time watching the lectures. I knew the MBE was my…

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The Bar Exam: How Will That Look Like?

The past month has been a period of transition. As I continue adjusting to life as a mother of three children, I balance a (mostly) flexible schedule. My partner returned to work full time two weeks ago. While there have been occasional challenges, especially when dealing with the needs of an infant and toddler, it has been an amazing experience. In early January, I registered for the March MPRE. I registered for it before, but did not take the exam due to being sick with pneumonia. One of the joys of living where I do is I am often ill…

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Take Two: The Journey to Retaking the Bar—Results and Thoughts

October 14: Day of Results. It is one of those “where were you” moments. I was in India, of all places, as sleep deprived as I could possibly be. As I waited for the results to load, I made jokes to lighten up the mood, saying that the suspense was literally killing me (side note: my dad and I hate the improper use of the word “literally”). Finally the page loaded and I scrolled to the bottom of the list to find my seat number. It wasn’t there. At first I didn’t believe it, I thought it was a mistake. I…

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Heather Asher

Bar Exam- You’re Almost There!

Around this time every year, our website hits for bar related article spike! To make your search for bar advice easier, below are articles that will helpfully ease your anxiety and allow you to take a productive break from studying. You're almost there! Advice on Passing the Bar Exam Advice on Passing the Bar Exam Part IV A Year Later: Reflections on Studying for the Bar Exam Beeatitudes About the Bar Exam: My Longest Post Ever Dealing with Bar Exam Stress and Anxiety How to Deal with Anxiety While Studying for the Bar Exam Take a Chance at a Future

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As a second generation lawyer whose father jumped the legendary hurdle of passing the New York Bar the first try, the Bar was quite high for me when taking my Bar exam, even though I was in a land far away, the Commonwealth of Virginia. I did and I did, but I recall that it was as much a question of stamina and personal discipline as much as it was about legal information and knowledge of law. The old adage that Law School has nothing to do with practicing law has, years later, proven to be untrue. Staying awake and using my…

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Study for the bar like it is your job!

When I studied for the bar, I treated it as if I was working at a very involved job. I would start "work" at 8am and work until 7pm every day six days a week. I made sure that there was no cramming or last minute memorization. I took the PMBR class because the questions were generally harder than BARBRI. At Slepkow Slepkow & Associates, Inc. we support law school students in all of their endeavors. I tried to make it as interesting as I could by challenging myself with flashcards. It is also crucial that a law student spends some time…

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Soldier On: Boot Camp to Law School—Aced the exams. Thanks, Checklist! Thanks, Captain America!

Flying across the Alabama countryside, just above the treetops, balmy breezes blow into the helicopter cockpit. Puffy white clouds adorn the blue sky. Gently rolling hills and tree-lined river valleys crisscross the landscape. The afternoon is beautiful, the mood peaceful. Suddenly a shrill warning bell screams into my ears. Painful butterflies alight in my stomach. “Simulated engine failure!” calls the instructor pilot as he rolls off the throttle, cutting the power needed to maintain rotor speed and remain aloft. I would like to panic, but there is no time. I try to take a deep breath, but barely manage a…

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