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Advice on Passing the Bar Exam: Part III

Following up on the recent posts giving advice for passing the bar, I have a couple of tips to add to the great information already provided on this site. I sat for (and passed) the July 2007 Bar Exam in California. The two tips that I will share here relate to the written portion of the test and I think now is the perfect time to share them as the July test is just weeks away! Both of these tips relate to matching how you study to how you will test. During the first 8 weeks or so of studying for the exam,…

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Advice on Passing the Bar Exam: Part II

"A word about panic: I took the California exam and my computer failed..." Though my heart just stopped on her behalf, Jessie passed the bar anyway. How did she do it? Read on! --Ed. For those prepping for the [July] sitting, a word about panic: I took the California exam and my computer failed in the middle of the second essay day. My screen just turned bright blue. I raised my hand and the proctor handed me a piece of paper that instructed me to try restarting and then switch to a bluebook. So I restarted - and started writing…

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Advice for Passing the Bar Exam

Ed. Note: This summer, back by popular demand, Ms. JD is pleased to feature a series of posts on bar exam prep.  The series will include some of our most highly-read articles from past years, as well as new content for all those taking on the bar exam challenge.  Good luck!  I know the [July] bar is fast approaching, so I thought I’d share the preparation advice I jotted down for my younger law school friends after taking the New York bar [...]. I wrote this when it was still fresh in my head (and before I knew that I passed), and I…

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Reflecting on the Bar Exam

Last week I sat for the California Bar exam. Like other law school exams and traditions the bar exam has been criticized as being insufficiently gender-neutral. It's a racehorse style exam, which rewards quick thinking and automated recall rather than reflection. This is not the best measure of many women's abilities or knowledge of a topic. You know what, though? I'm used to dealing with whatever possible disadvantage that test format might create for me. Here's what I'm not used to: having to carry my tampons in a clear plastic bag for inspection by my proctor, not to mention having…

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