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Join Ms. JD’s Global Education Fund Program!

Interested in women’s issues, international development, fundraising and education?  If yes, consider supporting us as our next part-time, unpaid, Global Education Fund program volunteer!  Ms. JD created the Global Education Fund (“GEF”) to enable women in developing countries who otherwise would not have access to further education pursue a legal education.  Each year, GEF has made it possible for two Ugandan women in each class year to pursue their dreams of becoming lawyers by attending the law program at Makerere University in Uganda. The part-time and unpaid Global Education Fund program volunteer will be responsible for: Helping to lead outreach and program development…

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Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks: Practical Advice for New Lawyers

Have a burning question about your career? Just send an e-mail here or tweet to @babysharklaw. I will answer in a future post. Q: I got my performance review. I thought things were fine, but my review was pretty negative. I mostly just listened. I don’t know if I should start looking for another job – and of course, the review didn’t give me information about which lawyers have concerns. How do I find out what I should do? A: Unfortunately, negative reviews sometimes come as a surprise. And as you note, the comments are typically anonymous. Here are some…

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Efficiency in the Law Firm Starts Here

Increasing your efficiency as a lawyer can save time, maximize profit potential, and help you to serve your client base more effectively. Although it can be tempting to stay inside of your comfort zone, leveraging the power of technology and employing some common sense organizational practices can help you to become a better lawyer. Here are five ways to become a more efficient lawyer:   EMPLOY MACHINE LEARNING AND AUTOMATION SERVICES: Unfortunately for many lawyers, a large part of the day is still spent performing tasks that could easily be taken on through the use of artificial intelligence and automation.…

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Highest Paying Legal Jobs to Consider For A Career

One of the best decisions that you can ever make in life is going to law school because understanding the law puts you in a much better position to help people. Even though the career can be quite rewarding, that shouldn't be your main motivating factor for doing it. Let passion drive you. 1. Trial Lawyer Trial lawyers take part in court cases. A trial lawyer can be a criminal lawyer who defends the accused or a civil litigator who defends his or her client in a civil dispute. The trial lawyer convinces the jury why his or her client…

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When Is a JD NOT Preferred?

I've been extolling the virtues of alternative legal careers for the past 10 months, so it's about time I introduce a contrarian element.  My goal with the 'JD Preferred' theme of this blog is not to gloss over the hardships for folks who are facing six-figure debts and limited job prospects.  What I am advocating, in all cases, is a deliberate approach.  So whether I am reaching you in anticipation of enrolling in law school or in the throes of a post-JD career transition, allow me to share some thoughts on when touting your JD will not get you what…

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What To Do When Your School Can’t Help You Get a Policy Job

In law school, I had an amazing party trick. The first month of school everyone was asking the three standard questions. “What’s your name?” “Where are you from?” And finally, “what do you want to practice?” The first two elicited pretty typical responses. But, the third was my astounding trick. Instead of saying I wanted to be a prosecutor or a civil litigator, I said I wanted to work in policy. Brows furrowed. Jaws dropped. Panic flickered in their eyes. They could not understand why someone would suffer the three-year torture of law school to never see the inside of…

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Standing Out in a Male-Dominated Firm

Male-dominated firms are common, and perhaps that’s because women make up just 35% of the legal profession. In private practices, just 22.7% of women are partners and 19% are equity partners. Women judges are also underrepresented, with just 33% of Supreme Court Judges being women. Salaries for women, compared to the salary of men, are also lower, and this figure dropped from 89.7% to 77.6% between 2015 and 2016. Statistically, women are at a disadvantage in the legal field. It's essential that a woman stand out in a male-dominated firm to be able to demand higher compensation, have the chance…

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Strategies for Success Among Millenial Lawyers

Many young lawyers enter the legal profession with great expectations. They often look forward to experiencing the thrills of the profession. Young lawyers are eager to create lifelong professional relationships with colleagues and clients. This is indeed an exciting time for a young lawyer but soon reality sets in. The day-to-day work of a lawyer turns out to be quite monotonous and boring; this is a sharp departure from what you initially expected. Practice turns out to be totally different from what you thought; it is a race and a competition for work. At this point, you come to the…

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Career Alternatives: Diversion Programs And Advocacy

Not every law degree leads to big law. No, for some of us, that training helps us make a difference in other ways, including through advocacy work. By working with diversion programs, for example, a growing group of legal professionals are finding ways to minimize inequitable consequences across the legal system and help marginalized individuals get back on the right track. How Diversion Works Diversion programs are increasing in popularity across the United States, addressing issues like alcohol and drug use, driving offenses, and even shoplifting and they typically target first time, low-level offenses. Additionally, among juvenile offenders, diversion programs…

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Interview with Sports Law Professor and Author Maureen Weston - On the Field: Women in Sports Law

        I’m pleased to introduce Pepperdine University School of Law Professor Maureen Weston, J.D. Professor Weston is the Director of the Entertainment, Media & Sports Law Program and Dispute Resolution Project, in addition to her service on countless boards including the Sports Lawyers Association, American Association of Law Schools Law & Sport, and the Editorial Board of LawInSport. A graduate of the University of Colorado Law and the University of Denver, Professor Weston previously worked as an attorney. Her research interests include sports law, dispute resolution, ethics, and the intersection of these areas.        …

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