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Here you can find jobs from all different levels in the legal industry. Let us connect you to where you want to go, whether you're a potential candidate looking for that perfect position or an employer looking for the best legal talent. Avvo has a career center for law professionals (especially recent graduates) that may be of interest to you and I wanted to introduce you to the newly launched Avvo Careers portal. This career portal is aimed at helping undergraduates understand their employ-ability and help them get jobs in the legal sphere, where Avvo is a respected name. Our careers page is updated daily…

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When the Career Services Office Scoffs…

I came to law school to do public interest law. I never expected to have a fancy, high-paid summer job: I was ready to survive on a ramen-noodle diet and be thrilled about heading in to work everyday. What I didn’t expect was how hard it would be to get that unpaid but oh-so-interesting job. I might not have been at the top of my class, but I didn’t think my resume was anything to scoff at. Then a few of my more experienced law school friends explained another aspect of the whole “the legal market crashed” thing to me:…

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Notes from the Desk of the Professionalism-Obsessed: For Your (Online) Consideration

Last month I presented at a conference on the topic of how externship programs may help law students use social media for professional development purposes. One point I did not have time to delve into concerned a potential drawback of social media use, which I summarized on a slide as: "Heightened (perhaps impossible) expectations". In my speaker notes I included in part, "I believe women in particular are susceptible to self-presentation criticisms [...]". Increasingly, it seems that women confront complexities online including the possibility of being subjected to unfair and even terrible treatment --- at times so terrible that it may…

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Rebekah Hanley

Scare Yourself.  It’s Good for You.

Lawyers have a reputation for shying away from risk.  Indeed, being risk averse is often critical to the work lawyers engage in to protect their clients’ interests. But risk aversion can interfere with professional development.  A lawyer cannot build new competencies without putting herself on the line by doing something for the first time.  The best way for a lawyer to improve her trial skills, for example, is to try a case; regardless of whether she obtains her client’s desired result, her experience will likely advance her professional awareness, development, and confidence. For that reason, it is important to embrace…

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New York’s 2014- 2015 Budget: How New Budget Changes Estate Planning in the State

On march 31, 2014 the New York legislature, under Governor Andrew Cuomo, passed the state’s budget for the fiscal year 2014-2015, dragging along tremendous changes to estate planning for residents of New York. From a general perspective, the new law increases estate tax exemption amounts for individuals with property under the taxable limit. However it is complicated; and complex can be devastating and confusing for city residents.  Let’s look at the numbers Estate Tax Exclusion to Increase The new law raises the New York tax exclusion amount, which was initially placed at $1m, to $2,062,500 for individual dying or after…

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Say “Yes” to Pro Bono Work and Grow Professionally

Young, female attorneys juggle many obligations- case loads, billable hours, familial and social commitments and civic involvement- believing they have little to no time for pro bono matters.  But, as a female attorney, who works to engage other lawyers on international pro bono matters, I want to propose three reasons to say “yes” to pro bono work: Mentorship: Pro bono is a great opportunity for both senior and junior lawyers to work together to learn a new area of law, even if they are in different practice groups. A matrimonial lawyer could walk a junior, corporate associate through filing an…

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5 professional development tips for aspiring lawyers

Embarking on a legal career may seem quite daunting since there is no denying that such a job is demanding and challenging. Most people think that it is enough to complete a course. But in reality, graduating as a lawyer is just the first step to it all. In order to be a good lawyer one needs to have certain traits and strengths that go beyond the training given at University. So if you are aspiring to be a lawyer you should make sure to go through these professional development tips, so as to get a better idea of what…

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Focus on What You Can Control

Dear Young and/or Aspiring Lawyer, As you have probably already noticed, much of what can get in the way of a new lawyer’s success stems from structural challenges in the profession.  These challenges include:  long-standing norms in law firms and corporations that favor white males, tacit and overt discrimination, and long hours and high expectations that conflict with having any other sort of life experiences.   The good news is that many factors are driving change in the structure of the profession, including new forms of law firms, changing expectations from corporate clients, ongoing technology advances, and forms of flexible…

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Susan Smith Blakely

Why Do Women Lawyers Leave?

Almost 40% of women leave the profession of law mid-career.  That is 2 to 3 times as many women as men, and it is a high percentage. For people outside the profession, it can appear to be lunacy to leave a high-paying job in a respectable profession.  So, why do so many women lawyers leave a profession that has required a dedication of so much of their time and money? Some of the reasons that women leave are very personal, but others fall into common categories.  One of those common reasons, of course, is the work-life challenge that women face…

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Susan Smith Blakely

Achieving Gender Diversity from One of America’s Top Lawyers

Mary Cranston is one of America's best-known women lawyers --- or just plain best-known lawyers.  She was a partner at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP and served as its Chairman of the Board.  She has been named one of "The 100 Most Influential Lawyers in America" by the National Law Journal, one of two "Best Law Firm Leaders in the United States" by Of Counsel and has been profiled as "One of the Best Female Antitrust Lawyers in the World" by Global Competition Review. She was the 2005 recipient of the prestigious Margaret Brent Award, the American Bar Association’s highest…

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