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Jennifer Guenther

From the Desk of a Working Mom: Beauty Secrets of Success

It has often been said, and allegedly supported by statistics, that if you are taller, more attractive, and have a better physique, you will go further in life.   In elections – the taller candidate almost always wins, right?  Television is rife with attractive, successful people – has any member of “The Apprentice” been homely? And there is more than one blog out there discussing how ‘attractive young girls are getting ahead while the older (seriously, when did 30s and 40s become “older”) women with telltale “mom” bodies are shunted aside, ignored and isolated by this young stiletto crowd.’ Well, it is true…

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Susan Letterman White

The Heroic Leader’s Journey

If you have been reading the articles in this series, then you have a general idea of your leadership skill-set, your motivation to lead, and the steps to move into leadership positions. Click here, here, here, here, and here for past articles in this series. You may have discovered a list of gaps, which you will need to close in order to move yourself closer to successful leadership. Perhaps you need to increase your book of business, find an internal mentor, or improve your strategic communication skills. Each of these gap-closing steps requires its own action plan, which is a…

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Reduced Hours, Full Success

The Project for Attorney Retention's newest report, Reduced Hours, Full Success: Part-Time Partners in U.S. Law Firms, maintains that law firms can create successful part-time programs. Part-time arrangements have long been viewed as bullets to the heart of lawyers’ careers—and dubious propositions for law firms’ bottom lines. This report challenges that view. It shows that law firms can create successful reduced-hours programs—and that part-time lawyers and their law firms can flourish when they do.  *** Firms that can attract and retain excellent lawyers through flexible work arrangements are going to be able to hire from a larger pool of applicants,…

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Q & A with Managing Partner Brigid Higgins

Brigid Higgins, Managing Shareholder, Gordon Silver, rose from associate to managing partner in less than ten years. In her interview with In Business Las Vegas, Higgins discusses what is like to be a female managing parter, how she balances her duties, and how she made such a rapid rise to the top. She also gives some advice to new lawyers: For new lawyers, I think - and this goes to the issue of the influx of regional and national law firms in the area - one of the things I think that's gotten lost since I started practicing law is…

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Election 2008, More Female Firsts

NH Makes History With First State Senate With Female Majority: New Hampshire’s State Senate is now unlike any in the country and unlike any before it. After Tuesday’s election, women now make up the majority of the New Hampshire State Senate. In an election year that saw Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and Nancy Pelosi grab headlines and airtime across the country, New Hampshire didn’t just vote blue, it voted for women.  Perdue becomes N.C.'s first female governor: Democrat Beverly Perdue will step into North Carolina's Executive Mansion as the next governor and the first woman to hold that job....Perdue, 61,…

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Because We Can

So often the question is asked- why do so many women leave big law firms in droves? Why don’t they stick around and make partner? Are they being forced out? The answer to that question seems like a simple yes when we look at the numbers. Why else would women be leaving at these rates from prestigious high-paying jobs? After considering this, however, I came to a different conclusion. Maybe women don’t leave law firms because we have to- maybe we leave because we can. Let’s face it- BigLaw is known for being its high salaries- but also its ridiculous…

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