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10 Tips for Successful Washington DC Speed Networking

Editor's Note: This Post was submitted by Professionals in the City. Would you like to network with fellow female lawyers, law students, and entrepreneurs in your industry, and others? Professionals in the City, Ms. JD, and BlueprintJD have teamed up to host a Speed Networking to Build Diversity in the Law Event.  Join us November 8, 2012 in Washington, DC!Whether you are a student, new in your field, or a seasoned professional, face-to-face networking is the most efficient way to make new professional business contacts, get advice from fellow alumnus, and expand your career opportunities.  Here are 10 tips for…

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Tips from the Top: Sheryl Willert

Sheryl Willert is managing director of Williams Kastner, and a member in the firm's Seattle office. Ms. Willert represents clients in complex commercial litigation, employment law and counseling, investigations and alternative dispute resolution. A national speaker and author on such topics as sexual harassment, age discrimination, and race discrimination, Ms. Willert has successfully represented individuals and corporations in such matters. Additionally, Ms. Willert has represented clients in matters involving professional negligence, product liability, personal injury, contracts, and civil rights. Ms. Willert is a past president of DRI-The Voice of the Defense Bar, the nation’s largest association of civil defense attorneys…

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10 Things Every Law Student Should Learn as a 1L to Facilitate Career Success

Editors Note: Ms. JD is pleased to be sharing some of our favorite posts about success in law school as part of our commitment to helping you start the school year off right.  If you're enjoying these tips, sign up for Ms. JD's National Women Law Students Organization.  You'll get Ms. JD's top blog posts delivered to your inbox every Friday, special notification about Ms. JD events in your area, and a once-monthly newsletter designed specifically for law students all for free! To join, click here.After finishing my 1L year at Vanderbilt Law, I must say that not only do…

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Through Feminist Lenses: Law for the sake of law?

I loved Civil Procedure, especially the talk of cat and mouse games between attorneys. But something always bothered me, even in relishing such games: the inefficiency of law.The famous Rule 1 of Civil Procedure tells us that law school be just, fair, and efficient: is this possible?  But there is also a brutal pragmatism of law and its games. When I entered law school, I saw my future to be working to help remedy the gap in access to legal services – But more and more, I’m surrounded by facts, potential employers, people who I am out to coffee with, and…

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Top 10 Tips to Ace a Telephone Screening: by Mardy Sackley

You got the call. Your dream employer wants to interview you! You’re doin’ the happy dance, envisioning a face to face meeting that involves a series of interviews followed by a swanky lunch. Then they let you know – this is a telephone screen. Say what? Lucky for job seekers everywhere, the lateral legal market is greatly improved from the dark days of 2009. Since the recession, however, employers have been forced to do more with less. Hence, the telephone screen, a cost effective way for an employer to figure out if a candidate has the basic skill set and…

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Nancy Glazer

Breakfast With Tiffany…

You may recall reading the clever blogs of Tiffany Farber, one of my co-bloggers from Law Bulletin Publishing’s former series, Attorneys in Transition. Tiffany is the one who boldly told us all about her life and attitudes in transition, never sounding pouty or feeling entitled that the world owed her more than she received.  You may recall Tiffany’s blogs, full of energy after rolling up her sleeves, shutting down her laptop and taking it to the pavement. In fact, when Tiffany’s staff attorney/pro bono coordinator position was eliminated from a small Chicago non-profit, she did some soul searching, as anyone…

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Ms. JD International

State Department Part IV: Civilian Response Corps

Interested in working abroad but only for a short period of time? Are you working at a federal agency as a lawyer or hold a JD degree and want to use your legal skills for projects abroad? Interested in gaining field experience in rule of law and judicial reform? The Civilian Response Corps may be an excellent opportunity for you.Lawyers in the federal government have an opportunity to work in the international sector through the State Department’s Civilian Response Corps (CRC).  The CRC is operated by the State Department’s Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations (CSO) and is composed of federal workers who employ their expertise to help restore…

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Katy Goshtasbi

Personal Branding Corner: Lawyers, Change & the Implication On Our Personal Brands

In personal brand management, a big key to success is your ability to adapt to circumstances and change.  If you aren't flexible and dynamic, then there's no room for you to grow, develop an effective and genuine personal brand and succeed.Many industries are perceived as static and slow to change and grow.  One in particular is the legal industry and lawyers.  I work with plenty of fabulous lawyers and law firms up for the challenge of developing a personal brand that is dynamic and flexible.  However, the legal industry as a whole is not viewed as such.  For those of…

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Katy Goshtasbi

Personal Branding Corner: Is Your Pain Your Passion?

In personal brand development for clients, we often try to have people see that what makes us unique and develops into a great story about us is our adversities and life challenges. It is often very difficult for clients to: 1) unearth and face their life challenges and adversities and 2) be open to sharing this information with others in an effort to build connections with potential clients and employers.As humans, we connect with people over things we have in common. That's why alumni networks and fan clubs are so popular. We also connect with people over hardships. Even if…

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It’s All About Who You Know – 5 Tips for Successful Networking: by Julie Locke

I guess you could call me the poster child for career movement and taking risks. I graduated from law school, joined a big firm as a litigation associate, realized within two years that big firm life was not for me, and have been on an alternative career path (always in the legal profession) ever since. I won’t bore you with the details; you can visit my LinkedIn profile if you’re curious - .  After twelve years in the working world and a number of career moves, I am certain of one very important thing. Finding your best career options…

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