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Friend or Foe? Technology in Our Everyday Lives: Habits

According to the Federal Trade Commission’s 2017 Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book, identity theft was the second biggest category of consumer complaints, comprising close to 14 percent of all consumer complaints received. To this point, are there any habits you have that may be putting your personal information at risk in public? Take a look at some examples below. Charging your phone in public ports While the convenience of a quick mobile phone charge in an airport or conference center lobby may seem benign, hackers can collect your information while your device is connected to a public power strip. It’s…

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Breaking The Mold As A Woman In Male-Led Legal Specialties

Despite the growing number of women attending and completing law school, most women in the profession are familiar with the experience of being the only woman in a room full of men. In some specialties, however, this is the case more often than not, a result of self-segregation and because male clients hold male lawyers in higher regard. As such, when the client base is overwhelmingly male, such as in corporate law, sports law, and construction and industrial law, women lawyers are firmly in the minority. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your mark. If you want to succeed…

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Sports Law Resources - On the Field: Women in Sports Law

My Fellow Sports Law Enthusiasts:  In doing research for this column and talking to sports lawyers, fellow students, and my career counselor, I've come across some helpful resources for those interested in SportsLaw. Here, I've compiled those resources, as well as a brief summary of what they provide.  Industry Insights Leveling the Playing Field podcast hosted by Bobbi-Sue Doyle-Hazard provides in-depth interviews with women in the sports law industry, including upper-level management, CEOs, and journalists.   The Players' Tribune: Online media platform with articles and videos that focuses on athlete-created content. Uniquely presents issues from the athletes' perspective.  The White Bronco: Written by a team…

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Thank You For Attending LaddHer Up

Thank You for Attending LaddHer Up With Ms. J.D. On October 18-19, 2018, Ms. JD brought over 30 women general counsel and 50 early career associates together at the Silverado Resort & Spa in Napa, California for its inaugural LaddHer Up retreat!  LaddHer Up’s unique program provided great general counsel networking opportunities, interesting expert workshops, small group recreational activities and 2:1 career meet-ups where each general counsel informally provided career advice to associates. Avery Blank gave great advice on negotiating your career effectively during her "PowHer Up to Negotiate Your Career" discussion.     There are many misconceptions about the…

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Making My Own Path: A Woman in Private Criminal Defense

From an early age, I knew I wanted to go to law school, but not for the reason most people go. I wanted to go into law school to go into law enforcement and become a special agent. I was applying for jobs in while in law school and received an offer as a special agent in my second year, but turned down the job in order to finish law school. In my third year of law school, I met a private attorney and was asked if I wanted to work for his criminal defense law firm. I started off…

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Susan Smith Blakely

Women-Owned Law Firms As Practice Options

Have you considered the option of a women-owned law firm?  Even if it is not appropriate for this time in your career, you should file the information away for a time when it might make more sense. I have written about women-owned law firms before, especially in my second book, Best Friends at the Bar:  The New Balance for Today's Woman Lawyer(Wolters Kluwer/Aspen Publishers, 2012).  In that book, I devoted part of the discussion about alternatives to traditional law firms to the concept of women-owned firms because I recognized the importance of that option to those women who found traditional law…

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Discovering What Kind of Law Practices You Are Passionate About

When a new lawyer takes their first job after passing the bar exam, they're happy to be working in their profession. The reality is most lawyers don’t stay with their first firm or continue to practice in the same area of law. It could be a challenge to change an area of legal practice, but it can be done. When a lawyer finds an area of the law that makes them feel passion, it could be motivation to make this switch. Legal Culture It is possible for many attorneys to internalize what the legal culture has given them and never…

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Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks: Practical Advice for New Lawyers

Q: The networking events that are part of new associate orientation seem awkward. Conversations lag or they will go on forever – or I won't have anything in common with the other person. It's tedious and draining. What can I do? A: Becoming a hermit is probably not an option. As you seem to recognize, you have to try to make the events more palatable. And remember that things get better. Just with the passage of time, you will build relationships and develop friendships and much of the awkwardness will fade. In a few months when you are billing lots…

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Fostering Goodwill: The Case for Pro Bono Work

Each year, attorneys donate dozens of hours in pro bono work. It’s sort of become an unspoken rule of the legal field. Although not required, professional organizations like the American Bar Association strongly suggest that attorneys donate their time to those in need of legal assistance. After all, the term “pro bono” is a shortened version of “pro bono publico,” which in Latin means “for the good of the public.” When attorneys do pro bono work, they’re helping the community – the public – by taking on clients who are otherwise unable to afford an attorney. Still, there are some…

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JD Preferred Career Quiz

You know those quizzes in glossy magazines that promise to evaluate your personality and offer a tailored solution to any given problem according to your responses?  Well, this month I've created my very own 'JD Preferred Quiz' to help jumpstart your thinking on which career path suits you best in using your JD degree in a non-traditional way.  Whether you are still in law school but re-thinking the law firm path, or are a post-graduate lawyer thinking of doing something different with your law degree, this quiz can help narrow your frame of reference among the myriad options.  Ideally, your…

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