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Stephanie Trager JD

[Next Level of Success] How Can I Help You

When you set a goal. What's your strategy? I find someone who's been there, done that and achieved what I am aiming for. Find out how they did it. Decide what doesn't resonate and what isn't in alignment for me, fill in the gaps with what is, create a timeline, decide what's negotiable and what's non-negotiable and forge ahead. Dream + Intention = Goals.  Goals + Actions = Reality! If I'm determined and haven't found a mentor or one who's ready to give advice for free, I will pay for it.  If you've outgrown the support system you have, prioritize finding…

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From the Frontlines: Sexism Persists

When we first started Ms. JD, one of the most powerful realizations was that there were pervasive, persistent currents of gender bias influencing all our law school experiences. Not until we all started sharing our experiences with one another did we realize it. Only after checking in with other women at other law schools did the subtle differential treatment many of us were experiencing seem connected to our gender. Prior to that, the odd look from a professor was just an off moment, the assumption that I was an administrative assistant not a law student at the tax seminar was…

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Financial Planning for Law Students and Lawyers: An Interview with Tracy Shackelford from Northwestern Mutual

The average law school graduate will begin his or her career with more than $100,000 in debt, and, yet, many of us leave law school without thinking much about short- or long-term financial planning.   Last week, I sat down with Tracy Shackelford from Northwestern Mutual to discuss the importance of financial planning for law students and lawyers.   Tracy, tell me a bit about yourself and your work with Northwestern Mutual. My name is Tracy Shackelford and I have been associated with Northwestern Mutual, first as a client when I moved back from Europe to the States with my…

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Nancy J. Newman

Get in the Game

Some news stories stay with me. Amidst the roiling flow of information that we get every day from so many sources, sometimes a story is so sad, so unfair, so impossible to explain, that I cannot shake it from my mind. One of those stories was reported internationally on December 19, 2013 under a short headline: Policewoman, Pregnant Teacher Hanged in Afghanistan. The news was cool and uninflected, noting that the bodies of these women were dumped a few kilometers from a military base that had recently been handed over to Afghan control. The police woman was Feroza, a mother…

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Ms. JD is proud to announce our new and improved website

After more than one year in the making, we will be launching the new website on March 17th!  The new website promises to be an even stronger tool to help you power your career by being passion forward!  On the new website, you'll see the official launch of Ms. JD's new logo and branding, improved functionality for our incredible bloggers, and a new mobile-friendly version so that you can catch up with Ms. JD on-the-go.  To help you connect with one another, the new will also enable you to link your Ms. JD profile to your LinkedIn account which should help us build the Ms. JD…

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Susan Smith Blakely

Best Friends at the Bar: One Incredible Weekend for BFAB, Women Lawyers and Indiana University

I am back from my weekend in Chicago where I was FREEZING and training for the newly-launched IU Marshall Goldsmith Leadership Development and Executive Coaching Academy.   The program is the brain child of the Indiana University alumni leadership, the world-reknowned thought leader and leadership trainer Marshall Goldsmith (an IU business school grad), and the folks at CoachSource, a global coaching network, which includes over 700 career coaches around the world.  The addition of the 42 new coaches, who were certified in Chicago by Marshall Goldsmith, will broaden the base of the CoachSource network and also will provide coaching expertise…

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Adopt Restorative Justice Practices to Become a Better Lawyer

Conflict between people is like cancer: sometimes, if you just cut out the cause of the problem, that takes care of it completely, but oftentimes, once it’s caused enough trouble for you to catch it, it has already spread to infect different areas that you didn’t even imagine could be connected.  The problem in America is that we use the justice system to handle our conflicts, but it’s really only equipped to treat the symptoms of our problems.  Cash relief for broken contracts and jail time for criminals can sometimes be enough to right the wrongs that people have experienced,…

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Through the Looking Glass—Observations from Five Years Out: Tenacity

Thirty-six hours before I was supposed to start my first “real” legal job, I got a phone call. The firm could no longer afford to hire me. Suddenly, I was jobless. And $120,000 in debt. The crash of 2008 was tough for all job seekers. As one of many with a law degree and a big loan to repay, the recession taught me a very important lesson: to survive as a lawyer, you have to be tenacious—and persistent, and stubborn—in advocating for yourself. Had I not held firm to this value, I would not be where I am today. THE…

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valerie lherrou

No Longer Extraordinary: But still 77 cents?

Years ago (before I was a lawyer) I started a new job at a publishing company.  When I moved into my new office, I discovered that the file cabinets were full of my predecessor’s (and his predecessor’s) papers. Some of these were pertinent to the job and I would need them, but some were just accumulated detritus, so I carefully sorted everything. It took a few months (because, after all, I needed to actually perform my job; and there were a LOT of papers). At some point in the process, I came across my predecessor’s pay stubs. I was stunned.…

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Assistant Director of Development, College of Law

The University of Iowa Foundation (UIF), a 501(c)(3) organization that raises private gift support for The University of Iowa (UI), seeks an Assistant Director of Development to assist with the philanthropy efforts for the College of Law.  The Assistant Director of Development, plans, initiates, manages, and implements fundraising for the College of Law (COL) and the Iowa Law School Foundation (ILSF), primarily developing strategies for increasing gift activity. The Assistant Director of Development works with the dean of the college to assure that the fundraising programs are operated in accordance with the procedures, goals, and needs of the college and have the full…

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