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Trading in the Expense Account: Transitioning from Big Law to Public Interest: Big Law is About More Than Just the Money

I split my 2L summer between a firm and government work. I thought that it would help me decide which route that I wanted to go, but it only made me more confused. I really enjoyed the people that I worked with at the firm, but felt more connected to the work that I did at the government and various non-profits. I was scared about making a bad decision, so I made the decision on the most objective criteria I could find – the money. The “show me the money” technique is not really a technique at all, though. It’s…

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Laura Bladow

Driven to Succeed: Women in Energy

There is no denying that the energy industry is an important part of the Texas economy.  But what does it take to succeed as a woman in energy?  What traits or skills should you develop to be primed success in the energy industry regardless of your practice area?   Please join Ms. JD and Latham & Watkins LLP on November 14, 2013, for an hour of networking followed by a dynamic panel discussion among successful professionals in energy. Our speakers will provide insight on the primary drivers to their success and what you can do to develop them yourself.  …

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Trading in the Expense Account: Transitioning from Big Law to Public Interest: Building Your Community

Have you ever seen the show Community?  It’s hilarious, and, for bonus points, the lead character is a lawyer (well, used to be one). If you haven’t seen the show, here’s a two-sentence summary of the relevant points: Jeff Winger, esquire extraordinaire, is forced to university when it is discovered that he lied about completing his degree. Once he gets there, he forms a ragtag study group and learns the importance of working with others. Hilarity ensues. The show provides some key lessons for anyone who is thinking about leaving the cushy world of Big Law for other pastures. Starting…

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What Passion Forward Means to Us: An Inside Look into What Makes Ms. JD Passionate

It is an incredible feeling for the board members of Ms. JD to be able to say that we are in full swing of preparing for our Sixth Annual Conference on Women and the Law, Passion Forward!  Although it may not seem significant at first, this conference represents a huge marker in Ms. JD’s short, but sweet, life as a non-profit. Ms. JD started out as the brainchild of several extremely intelligent and proactive female law students from law schools around the country, and is now a nationally recognized non-profit with eleven board members and an incredibly supportive and encouraging…

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Trading in the Expense Account: Transitioning from Big Law to Public Interest: Oh, You Fancy, Huh?

Pro bono and government attorneys have a reputation for being, how would you say, aesthetically challenged. Do you remember that terrible show that Mark-Paul Gosselaar did “Raising the Bar,” where he played a public defender? Basically, no one cared about the show and just complained about his hair for the entire first season to the extent that he cut it all off for the second (and final) season. Beyond the fact that it made him look ridiculous, it was an affront to public defenders everywhere – why do you have to look terrible to prove that you’re committed to the…

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Forum Finds: Careers and Professionalism

Editor's Note: Ms. JD's forums have been an important source of advice and inspiration for many women in the legal profession.  The "Forum Finds" series is dedicated to bringing these pearls of wisdom to light.  As always, you can connect with us onFacebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn with your questions! On April 25th, 2008, jessie asked: Nicknames: Does Using One Appear Unprofessional? I was updating my resume last night and wondering if I should change the header to "Jessie."  My given name is Jessica, but I can't think of any person that calls me Jessica. When I introduce myself I do so as Jessie. My friends,…

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ABA Member Demographics: Seeking Your Input

Editor's Note: Ms. JD has been asked to share the information below with its members in order to help gather demographic information in regards to the ABA’s Goal III, pertaining to diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. Please see the information below, and note the deadline for participation in the survey is 11:59 p.m. Eastern on July 10.One of our four ABA goals -- Goal III -- pertains to diversity and inclusion in the legal profession; specifically, it aims “to eliminate bias and enhance diversity by promoting full and equal participation in the association, our profession and the justice…

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Referrals: Your Fast Track Pass

Everyone knows the tedious, time-consuming challenge that is the job search.  Whether you’re a new college grad or an experienced professional, finding and landing a job is no walk in the park.  This is one of the reasons developed a new social referral platform called Jobs With Friends. Jobs With Friends, with a simple sync to LinkedIn and Facebook, enables users to start their job hunt efficiently by leveraging all connections from both accounts.  By job-hunting through your current network and having access to the companies where your connections work, you are immediately at an advantage.  Employee referrals are…

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Trading in the Expense Account: Transitioning from Big Law to Public Interest: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

I’m from the South – Georgia to be exact – where big trucks and fast cars are not only symbols of success, but also symbols of patriotism and masculinity (although I’m sure we could all do with a little less of this). Getting your license and getting a car were essential rites of passage – akin to bar/bat mitzvahs – turning 16 was the point at which you were an adult. I had a late birthday, so I didn’t turn 16 until my senior year. Luckily, I had an older sister to drive me around starting in my sophomore year…

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Katy Goshtasbi

Personal Branding Corner: Have An Intentional Personal Brand

So many of us expend tons of energy daily in an effort to build a successful business brand or be an effective employee in order to build a successful business brand.   The end result is that we are putting our valuable energy toward an end result without a plan for how to get there.  Even worse, we are often tired, angry and bitter- wondering why all our effort is not working and never stopping to take a breath.  In personal brand management, I'm always talking about creating an intentional brand. Click HERE to read the rest.

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