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South Carolina Women Lawyers Association - January President’s Message

Happy SCWLA New Year! Today, I begin my term as SCWLA's President. My theme this year will be "Back to the Future . . . for Women Lawyers in South Carolina." After spending last year celebrating our twenty years of success, we will spend this year looking toward the future and making our organization relevant and responsive to our members' needs. With your help and support, we will focus on activities that deliver value and fun, as well as state-wide programming that is reasonably accessible to everyone. We will also continue our efforts to grow our membership. So, as we…

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Recap: Ms. JD’s #StrongerTogether Conference

Ms. JD's Seventh Annual Conference, in partnership with UC Hastings School of Law in San Francisco. [View the story "Ms. JD's #StrongerTogether Conference" on Storify]  

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The Inside Scoop: Plotting the Move

One day you see it -- a job posting for a company that totally intrigues you. Or you get a phone call from that client you love, who tells you she just might have an opening soon. You may even get a call from a headhunter. However it happens, it will happen at some point in your career. Someone will be interested in you or you'll spot a position that gets your pulse racing.  There are a million different ways this can play out. I just want to give you some tips on how to navigate the minefield as best you can.…

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Month 3: Jump right in, the water’s cold.

I was hired as a patent attorney at a boutique IP law firm for one of my previous jobs, but I ended up playing many roles and wearing many different hats. One reason for this was because random civil cases would come in through the door every now and then. When these cases would come in, I asked for it or I didn’t say no when opportunity came around. I wanted to challenge myself and develop different skill sets to become a sort of a legal chameleon, if you will. Doing this helped me stand out from my peers and…

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Mommy, Esq.: Good Things Come in Small Packages

Would you rather be a big fish in a small pond or small fish in a big pond? Is bigger better? Or do good things come in small packages? When it comes to law firm size, there is no right answer. It is a matter of preference. What’s your preference? To help you brainstorm, here are some highs and lows of small-firm life. The Highs Exciting Experience Early On As a first-year associate, I helped research and write briefs to the Texas Supreme Court. When the case was accepted for oral argument, I got to go to the oral argument and help…

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Ladies of the House (and Senate): What is Equity?

Women’s History Month is filled with stories of women who fought 100 years ago for equal voting rights and women who marched 50 years ago for the Equal Rights Amendment. But have women achieved equity in the US? What is equity? It’s not so simple to define or “achieve.” Patricia Arquette called for pay equity in her Oscar acceptance speech and it sparked an important discussion not only of the differences that exist between men and women, but the unequal treatment of people of color, the LGBT community, women of color and many of us who have multiple intersecting identities.…

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Anatomy of a Strong Business Development Skills Training Program (part 1)

Tailored Curriculum Regardless of a law firm size, developing a formal training program can effectively address a broad range of topics imperative to a lawyer’s success. Typical program topics may include: Developing personalized, practical business development plans Step-by-step marketing plan execution Learning the art of effective networking Developing and communicating a personal brand Harnessing the power of active listening Increasing business development success rates Expanding existing client relationships Identifying potential new clients and referral sources Improving client service skills Becoming more effective in potential client meetings The best learning occurs in which there are interactive activities such as role play,…

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Create Buzz for Your Business With an Attention-Grabbing Biography

Biographies are increasingly important as part of a digital toolkit and make compelling introductions for book covers and speech presentations.  So why do so many lawyers treat biographies like the literary equivalent of canned soup? To best maximize its effect, understand what a bio is—and isn’t. A Bio is not a Résumé Avoid thinking of a bio as a short-form résumé.  A bio provides context and texture to your work and overall life experience.  Of course, you’ll list your accomplishments—but you’ll highlight your most compelling attributes. A Bio is not a Novel Research indicates that the general attention span of…

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Recap: Building Her Power Base: Improving Diversity on Law Reviews

Ms. JD and NYU Law Review sat down on 2/25 to discuss our collaboration and the launch of the 2015 Law Review Diversity Survey. The survey examines how women and minorities are represented on law reviews nationwide. During the event we discussed the importance of law review membership and leadership, andsuggestions about how to increase the presence of women and minority law students on law reviews.     [View the story "Building Her Power Base: Improving Diversity on Law Reviews" on Storify]  

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Getting a License to Sell Arms in the USA: Understanding the Law

Gun control in the United States remains to be a most controversial topic, arousing heated debates among the various stakeholders: some want fewer guns with stricter regulation as the answer whilst other take the counter view of having more guns handled by responsible citizens. However, that’s not what this article is about. This article is for you if you are interested in starting a firearms business anywhere within the 51 states of this country. Now, we’ll begin by saying that while there exists common grounds as pertains to some matters, it is important to know what the exact position of…

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