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Susan Smith Blakely

What Happens After Maternity Leave Is a Challenging Experience

Returning to law practice after having a baby is one of the most difficult times in the work-life challenge that women lawyers experience.  It is a confusing and sleep-deprived time for these women, and they could use a little understanding of their situations. To help them through it, I have enlisted the help of Lori Mihalich-Levin, a Georgetown Law grad, the Director of Hospital and GME Payment Policies at the Association of American Medical Colleges, and the founder of Mindful Return, a blog and e-course designed to help new mother-lawyers returning to work after maternity leave feel present and empowered. …

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Innovative Uses of Technology in Law

Technology has no doubt changed the way we work and operate. Law firms have been increasingly relying on technology for various processes and procedures in today’s practices. More lawyers and firms are finding innovative uses for both hardware and software based technology for use in their daily work. Here are just a few of the ways technology is being utilized in law today. Consumer Electronics Law firms are adapting various consumer electronics for increased efficiency and reduced overhead costs. iPads and other tablet devices are being used to keep in touch with clients, submit, read, store and handle legal documents…

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Learning by Leaving

I was practically vibrating with excitement.  It was the fall of 2009, and I’d just taken a seat for my first class at Harvard Law School. I’d arrived! I was about to be inducted into a society of professionals who made the world better, one case at a time. I would be an attorney, and I was getting ready to begin a life devoted to helping solve society’s problems. Flash forward five years.  At 9 am this morning, I met my first client of the day. We strolled into Washington Square Park, both wearing spandex pants, and I used every…

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Volunteer with the Trade, Sports & Professional Associations Committee of the ABA Antitrust Sect.

Young Lawyers:   Get noticed!  The Trade, Sports & Professional Associations Committee of the ABA Antitrust Section is looking for volunteers to monitor and write-up case developments.  The TSPA Committee supports all aspects of representing and counseling trade and professional associations and sports organizations on antitrust and competition law issues.  See more info.   This is a great opportunity to follow a hot area of antitrust law and get your name out there!   If you are interested, please send an email to Svetlana Gans,

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Tips to Avoid Overwhelm and Stagnation

Dear Ms. JD, Each day, we have to make decisions relating to our practices, be on top of the latest trends in the marketplace and adapt to new technologies. The list is endless. Any of these issues can lead to overwhelm and stagnation.  The truth is that time is one of our most precious commodities and most of us think we have ‘lots’ of time.  To be successful,  one needs to get help when appropriate,  learn how to quantify the financial value of time by factoring it into every decision you make. Below are some helpful tips: 1. DEVELOP A TAILORED WORK SCHEDULE THAT…

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Are You Falling Down on Following Up? (part 1)

Of all the marketing initiatives that are critical for lawyers to commit to, the most basic and seemingly obvious is the “sin” of omission - - the failure to follow up. We have worked with lawyers who have invested innumerable hours and thousands of dollars chasing after new clients and prospects but have largely been unsuccessful in retentions because of a gap in their business development process: following up. Do any of these example ring familiar: •    A very sociable corporate partner attended numerous networking events a month, engaged easily with others attending, handed out business cards, but rarely received…

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Tips for Law Students and Future Personal Injury Lawyers

Even with the safest road conditions and regulated work environments of today, bodily injury severities continue to rise. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, there were 37.4 million injuries that occurred in 2012 to people throughout the U.S. that necessitated a doctor’s care. The four leading external causes of medically consulted injury episodes were falls (13.4 million episodes in 2012), overexertion (4.9 million episodes), being struck by a person or an object (3.8 million episodes), and transportation (3.7 million episodes). As a result, the field of personal injury law is also growing at a steady rate.   What…

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Liz Vaysman

The Rule of 8: Gaining Control of the Unknowns

Before heading to college, my best friend's dad gave us some advice.  He said you will succeed as long as you follow the 8/8/8 rule - 8 hours of school, 8 hours of play, and 8 hours of sleep.  I followed these rules to a "T" in college and it paid off.  I was able to balance academic productivity with health and maintain a social life.  Of course sometimes I strayed off course, but for the most part, this worked. Now, 8 years after starting college, I'm realizing that I need to set some similar guidelines for myself.  I've been in…

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Effective Lead Generation for Law Firms

The term lead generation refers to all of those methods that are used to get consumers and potential clients interested in the products or services of a business or law firm, or to at least get them to start inquiring about them. Lead generation is an important way of establishing a consistent flow of prospects, in turn increasing the revenue stream of a company or firm. It can take many different forms because it is, after all, just another form of communication, and much of today’s technology is devoted to making life better in this area of human activity. Businesses and firms…

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Recap: Determined to Rise: A Conversation on Law, Leadership and Being “The First” w/ Paulette Brown

On October 27, 2014, we sat down with Paulette Brown, the President-Elect of the American Bar Association. She spent an hour answering Ms. JD community members' questions. When she takes the reins as President, Ms. Brown will be the first African-American woman to lead the ABA. Ms. Brown is also a labor and employment law partner and chief diversity officer at Edwards Wildman Palmer and has served in many other positions, including as in-house counsel to Fortune 500 companies and a municipal court judge. In private practice, she has focused on all facets of labor and employment and commercial litigation.…

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