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Maximize Your Time in Law School

A friend of mine just started law school, and she asked me what I wished I’d known when I was a 1L that could have changed my law school experience for the better. Here are the top three things I think you can do to maximize law school: 1. Invest time in making friends Business school students know that networking is just as important a part of their business school experience as their classes. Though calling it “networking” makes you sound a little too premeditated about the whole process, the idea behind it is a good one that I don’t…

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Why can’t we be friends?

What is it about OCI that makes me question my chosen profession? Is it that my normally pleasant classmates turn into back-biting sycophants? Is it that some legal "professionals" choose to treat us as if we were nothing more than displayed pieces of meat? Two painful OCI stories that made me cringe when I heard them:A good friend of mine went to early OCI last week and had a harrowing tale to share with me about her experience with Big Firm. Friend had some contact with Big Firm during her 1L year and approached a young associate at the OCI…

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The Cravath Model Is Failing - Nothing New to the Bottom 80.

According to Professor William Henderson, Indiana University School of Law, and a study from Bell Laboratories, top performing associate attorneys can "evaluate problems from the viewpoint of customers and manager," take initiative, rely on more experienced coworkers, and build consensus. The study then goes on to further that these skills do not necessarily correspond to law school class rank. In fact, "researchers found no relationship between [attorney] performance and various social, psychological, and cognitive abilities. The ability for lower-ranking law students to become high-performing attorneys may be news to big law firms, but for those of us in the…

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First Weekend of Fun

I am going to save the work-related entry for a bit later. What I will tell you now is that I am working on a rape case of a convicted man. He was convicted of a double rape which carries with it a minimum life sentence. I did a bunch of research and reporting and it looks like we are going to appeal. The appeal process is tomorrow so I will just write about my experience with the whole case after that.As for the fun stuff, we went on our first adventure this weekend. Ande picked out an area from…

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Should you supplement CA BarBri with PMBR

So, the first thing I want to point out is that this is not a paid advertisement and I don't have a relationship of any sort with Kaplan PMBR.Congratulations to all graduates. I think most around the country will graduate some time over the next three weeks or so (sorry, Chicago!). If you are like I was, you may be looking to the not-so-distant future and wondering if you have the right plan to tackle studying for the bar exam. Hopefully, this advice isn't too late, but if you haven't signed up for a course that will supplement BarBri's MBE…

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Number 63 and Abandoned: A Rant From the Forgotten Eighty Percent

I’m not in the top twenty of my class. I’m not even in the top twenty percent of my class. In fact, by definition, the majority of my law school class is not in the top twenty percent of my class. Yet, we keep being forgotten by our professors, our deans, and perhaps most noticeably, our career services offices.How many speakers, meetings, and panels have I sat through only to find out that what they’re discussing doesn’t apply to me because I’m not in those top slots? If I’m even interviewed, I will probably not be hired by a large…

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Chat online with the man behind the US News & World Report law school rankings

You may have seen this posted on other blogs, so here's just a quick reminder: this Friday from 3-4pm EST, the ABA Journal is hosting a live chat with the man behind U.S. News & World Report's law school rankings. Think the rankings should do more tracking of diversity (women, men, minorities, parent-students, etc.) or give more weight to schools with stellar support for student life? Tell Robert Morse, the USN&WR rankings czar.

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1Ls: Finals Are Over, Time to Find a Summer Job

For those of you finishing up your first semester this week: Congratualtions! Next step: summer job. 1L summer jobs can be found in firms, non-profits, government agencies, judges' chambers, and law school. Each has distinct benefits and its own application timetable. It's time to think about all of them now, because winter break may be your chance to get a foot in the door. Law Firms: not long ago paid law clerk positions were reserved either to the very top schools or the very top students. But in the last few years more firms are hiring more 1Ls from more…

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Decisions, Decisions: Choosing a Clerkship (or a Firm Job)

I find myself comparing the search for a clerkship to the callback process one suffers through as a 2L. Sitting in the airport, again, listening to my fellow classmates talking about how many offers they received from various firms, I find my mind wandering to those 3Ls who are applying to hundreds of clerkships with the hope that one might work out. In both interviewing with law firms and applying to clerkships, it seems as though each process lacks a discretion that we normally use in our lives. Our future employment is an incredibly important decision. We are deciding on…

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What the experts say about interview etiquette

2Ls are in the final stages of callback interviews, 1Ls are getting ready to contact law firms for summer jobs, and a second wave of job interviews are underway for recent grads who now have a bar admission under their belts. Ms. JD has a great string of posts on what to wear, what not to say, and how to interview as a 3L , but I was curious about what etiquette “experts” have to say about the interview process. The Emily Post Institute, which advertises itself as “a ‘civility barometer’ for American society” has the following advice on interview…

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