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Virtual Bar Exam Summit (June 5-7)

Ms. JD is proud to serve as a Community Sponsor for this free Virtual Bar Exam Summit hosted by Vinco Prep: Join former Ms. JD Writer-in-Residence and Owner of Vinco Prep, Keriann Stout, in three days of free, virtual programming to examine bar preparation strategies and study tips.  Register here.

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The Road Less Traveled: 10 Things to Remember as a First-Generation Law Graduate Sitting for the Bar Exam

“I am my ancestors’ wildest dreams.” – Unknown This past year has been a year like no other.  A year full of social unrest, with an unprecedented global pandemic and an economic crisis.  Despite these circumstances, thousands of law school graduates are studying and sitting for the Bar exam.  Many of whom are first-generation law graduates.  Being the first is never easy.  When you are the first, you’re repeatedly in the position where you learn life lessons through "trial by error."  As a first-generation law student, you often create the course rather than have a path to follow. Sometimes the…

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The Neurodiverse Guide to Bar Exam Accessibility

It’s hard enough to study for the bar. It shouldn’t be harder if you learn differently.             I always end up reflecting on some form of isolated feeling during law school. As an autistic law student, I often felt alone. I didn’t know anyone else who had a similar disability until nearly the end of my 3L year and I spent law school accommodating myself in how I studied, took notes, and navigated the law school culture.             I’m hardly the only one who was neurodivergent in law school, in law practice, or in that…

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How To Avoid Harassment and Know Your Rights: The Fair Debt Collection Process

When many people think of the stereotypical debt collector, it's a hardened scoundrel of melodrama infamy that tries to throw widows and orphans into the lane, because rent is inflated. Although it's tempting to portray these people as shameful villains — and some of their behaviors were history's less than admirable — one thing is essential to remember: no one has to borrow money. Finally, it is because of the option of borrowing money that you owe a debt. Your creditor issued your loan or credit line on your guarantee of the payment of this loan. Loans are beneficial, you…

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5 Reasons Why Women are Effective Leaders

Diversity in gender is still a debatable topic especially when it comes to leadership positions. We've known that women made tremendous efforts and tons of work to be where they are currently, yet some are still struggling in proving to the world that they are equally smart as men and that they also deserve to be leaders. Take Sabahat Akhter for example, she is the Project manager for leading printing companies like Imprint. Imprint produces promotional products like custom coffee mugs, yard signs, etc, whether it's for advertorial, marketing, business, or personal use. She has experience in data management and product…

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What Ruth Taught Me

"I'm sorry about RBG, I know how much she meant to you," said my husband, who was first to read the news.  My mind went blank.  I may have blurted out "that's okay."  My mind could not fathom the enormity of this sad occasion at the instant moment.  It's obviously not okay.  The introvert in me needed to do some deep thinking before I could process my thoughts and feelings.  But the man knows me best, so of course he was right.  While I didn't know her personally, like so many others my life and career have been touched by Ruth Bader Ginsburg's…

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Important Ways to Volunteer and Empower Women of All Ages

For years now, we celebrated the various significant contributions of women from all around the world by dedicating one month of the year to it. However, stories that inspire and drive others to contribute to meaningful change need not remain within the 30-day period of the Women’s History celebration.   Here are some ways for anyone, anytime, to make a difference in and uplift the lives of young girls and women of all colors and backgrounds.   Empower Young Women   Being a role model for girls and young women is important. Whenever possible, empower them to be strong, independent…

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Tips for Organizing Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases can be extra challenging and usually take time to complete. Every case is unique and has different facts and nuances. Hence it's crucial to streamline your process to effectively handle your cases. Accordingly, aside from good record keeping skills, you should build a system to better handle your cases from start to finish. As a personal injury attorney, your organizational skills can dictate your case whether your client will receive a full compensation or an unfair settlement. Here are some invaluable tips for organizing personal injury cases. Preparing the Client for the First Meeting To be efficient,…

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When Women Lead

        On a stuffy summer evening when thunderstorm was lurking behind the cloud, Emma came knocking on my door. She was shaking all over. Before she spoke, a great sob escaped her; she covered her face with her shaky hands, and said, “We are evicted. I thought this would be my permanent home.”         Emma was my childhood friend. We became acquainted when my family moved to her neighborhood in 2003. My mother often asked me to bring her cookies on my way to school. They had lived at their house for more than…

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FREE Virtual Bar Exam Summit - June 5-7, 2020

Bar exam prep sucks. There’s nothing else to say about it. It just sucks. And now, given the pandemic, there are the added questions of when various state bar exams will happen, how bar exam prep timing will change, and oh yes, whether licensure delays will impact your job prospects. Awesome sauce. Well, I have some good news. A former Ms. JD Writer in Residence is on a mission to make bar prep more bearable and effective, especially in what is sure to go down in history as the strangest year ever to take a bar exam. Her name? Kerriann…

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