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Studying for the Bar Exam: Three Outlines

Editor's Note: This summer, back by popular demand, Ms. JD is pleased to feature a series of posts on bar exam prep. The series will include some of our most highly-read articles from past years, as well as new content for all those taking on the bar exam challenge. Good luck! Last spring, I met with a newly minted attorney who shared with me this tip for passing the California Bar Exam: Start with a long outline and reduce, reduce, reduce.  She suggested that I make an outline for each subject and reduce each outline to no more than ten…

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Hollywood Myths and Truths

Ed. Note: This summer, Ms. JD solicited lessons learned from law students across the country. Many of the responses explored Hollywood’s interpretation of law school and the legal profession. From Legally Blonde to Law and Order—not to mention the 1970s classic The Paper Chase—students told us where Hollywood got it right and where Hollywood completely missed the mark. A student at UC Davis School of Law says that the scary professor in The Paper Chase is not an accurate depiction of law professors: When I decided to go to law school, my dad rented me The Paper Chase, a 1970s…

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