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Hillary Clinton, Respectability Politics, and the Crisis of Modern Feminism

The results of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election represented a failure on many fronts. It was a failure of the American commitment to diversity, openness, and refuge. It was a failure as a check on corporate greed, wealthy interests, and predators of the poor and vulnerable. It signified a societal sickness— with our obsession with celebrity culture and worshipping of money as status. It displayed a majoritarian callousness to the calls for equal dignity by marginalized groups – by racial and ethnic minorities, the transgender community, immigrants, religious minorities, the gay and lesbian community, the disabled community, and women –…

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Should a Female Lawyer Be Preferred for Birth-Related Medical Malpractice Cases?

There has always been a disparity in the ratio of women lawyers as against the male ones. Although a steep rise is witnessed in the percentage of women lawyers over the past decade, the latest statistics of the American Bar Association Market Research Department shows that the legal profession is still male-dominated, and women constitute only 36% of the total strength. More women lawyers are needed not only to balance the gender inequality in the profession but also to deal with gender-sensitive cases such as medical malpractices related to injuries during labor and delivery. Here are a few significant aspects…

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Seven Ways to Support a Friend or Family Member Experiencing Domestic Violence

In the United States annually, there are more than 10 million cases of domestic violence reported to authorities.  However, many cases go unreported or un-addressed, placing women and men in physical and emotional duress and danger, per domestic violence statistics provided by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Just over 50 percent of cases are even reported to authorities. If a family member or friend has been victimized by domestic violence, relatives and peers can play an important role by providing emotional support, encouragement, and resources to help the victim take control, and make a change that may save their…

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What Every Female Attorney Should Have in Her Wardrobe

Considering how busy your schedule is as an attorney, there are surely times when you face your closet, and then disappointment comes next. How many times did you open your closet and said, “I don’t have anything to wear,” to yourself? How many times have you stated that you need something “new” to wear? That means what you have is an inoperational wardrobe and seriously, you need to change that. But how will you know which ones to replace and what items you should keep? Like a simple or basic white tee, or your blue pair of jeans, or how…

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Direct Lender Loans for legal representation - A Time to Change Your Budget Plan

If you're looking for direct lender loans more frequently than you need, it simply time to make or update your financial budget.   The idea of going back to your money and brushing through every cost looks like tiresome work, but it's imperative that you know where your hard earned money goes. If you fail to quantify your expenditures, how will you keep it in check? Budgets are one of the things which you need to manage your hard earned cash correctly. You need to be sensible when it comes to shelling out so that you can help your loved…

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The Gen Why Lawyer: Using YouTube to Showcase Your Legal Knowledge and Personality with Aiden Kramer

I first discovered Aiden on YouTube. That’s not where I usually meet lawyers but I’m so glad that I did. Since then, I’ve gotten to know Aiden and have watched how brilliant she is at marketing herself and building her practice - all on camera! I want to introduce you to this fabulous young lawyer as I’m sure her courage and charisma will inspire you. I’d love to hear a little bit about your journey to opening your own law practice. I graduated law school and was admitted to the Colorado bar in 2013. I had been working as a law…

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Tips For Professional Conduct and Development

The very second a woman conceives a child, an endless cycle of growth initiates and the entire life is nothing but another name of growth. From babies to toddlers to teenagers to adults to professionals, humans evolve into bigger and better beings. There is no limit to learning and education. Every profession in the world, be it medicine or teaching or law, puts no limit on the amount of knowledge a person can acquire. With the rapid changes in technologies, use of social media forums, the strength of word of mouth, changing economies, demanding customers and other factors of the…

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The Westside Justice Center—Legal Aid & Community Outreach

Community justice generally refers to various crime prevention techniques that explicitly include the community. The idea behind community justice initiatives lies in restorative community goals –creating a “grass roots” path to neighborhood inclusion by active involvement. Recently these initiatives have included community: crime prevention, courts, policing, prosecution, etc…. Access to the legal system, or the lack thereof, plays a large role in whether the community has faith in its lawmakers and the justice system as a whole. The Westside Justice Center (WJC) works to fill that void; providing Chicago citizens with legal services in immigration, family law, real estate, estates and trusts, etc. The…

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7 Tips to Choose the Right Area for Law Specialization

From Admiralty Law to Health Care Law, the possibilities in law specialization seem to be endless. It can, therefore, be difficult to choose a specialization that is most suitable for you. Usually, law students have to take mandatory classes in all legal topics during the first year. In the second and third year, they are allowed to choose the classes they want.  The reason law schools allow students to choose classes in the second and third year is so that they can experiment with different areas of the law. Most law schools don't expect you to choose a specialization until…

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Domestic Violence, Abuse and the Shocking Statistics

Domestic Violence by a spouse or a partner in a relationship is defined as aggressive or violent behavior that can include a range of abusive behaviors such as name calling, sexual assault, stalking, intimidation and physical harm or threat of physical harm, to name a few. The Numbers When it comes to domestic violence, the statistics among American women are shocking. Between 2001 and 2012, the number of American troops that were killed while fighting in Afghanistan was 6,488. Meanwhile, the number of American women killed by a current or ex male partner in that same time period was almost…

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