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Challenges of Preventing Online Criminal Activity

The internet has become so prevalent in today's society that you may find it hard to imagine a world without being able to go online from your computer, tablet, or even your phone. Unfortunately, this also means that online criminal activity is on the rise and presents its own unique challenges to those who are trying to prevent it. Cybercriminals can easily hide in the largely unregulated internet, even with today's laws, especially if they're young and sophisticated with computers. It’s a lot harder to build sufficient evidence in a cybercrime case, as it is almost completely digital it makes…

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Recap: Determined to Rise: A Conversation on Law, Leadership and Being “The First” w/ Paulette Brown

On October 27, 2014, we sat down with Paulette Brown, the President-Elect of the American Bar Association. She spent an hour answering Ms. JD community members' questions. When she takes the reins as President, Ms. Brown will be the first African-American woman to lead the ABA. Ms. Brown is also a labor and employment law partner and chief diversity officer at Edwards Wildman Palmer and has served in many other positions, including as in-house counsel to Fortune 500 companies and a municipal court judge. In private practice, she has focused on all facets of labor and employment and commercial litigation.…

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Tips for How Women Lawyers Can Chart a Different Course - #3

Along the way to charting your own course, below are critical habits to be implemented as you stay focused on growing a fulfilling and prosperous career. Ask for what you want. Women lawyers often grapple with asking for what they want professionally. Guaranteed if you do not ask, you will not receive. What holds you back may be a greater question to pose. What are you afraid of? Does the “perfection syndrome” wearily loom over you? Take a courageous step to answer these questions to move you in the right direction. Check out Women Don’t Ask an inspiring book by…

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Susan Smith Blakely

Note to Women Lawyers:  Teach Your Daughters Well

In my last blog I promised you additional information on fending off domestic violence.  We must break this pattern, and here is some excellent advice on how to do that. In the article, "9 Ways to Bulletproof Your Daughter Against Domestic Violence," the author explored methods of early prevention to protect the most vulnerable, our daughters.  The keystone to this process is developing high self esteem that will lead to healthy relationships and the strength to extricate themselves from unhealthy relationships.  The recommendations were as follow: Be the model you want your daughter to copy.  Your daughter --- or your…

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Really? Men Are Welcomed Too?

During Orientation Week for the newly admitted 1Ls at our law school, student organizations were petitioned to place information tables encouraging students to engage in extracurricular activities. For our newly created National Women Law Students' Organization (NWLSO) chapter we had vivid brochures, a sign-up sheet, and enthusiastic Board Members answering all sorts of questions. More than 50 women approached the table and showed a genuine interest in participating and becoming part of the NWLSO. We were all very excited. There was a lot of movement and the table was rarely ever empty. Yet, as we tried to welcome all, we…

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Planning Pitfalls for Lawyers and Professionals

"A Plan is Nothing. Planning is Everything”  - Dwight Eisenhower Dear Ms. JD, Do you have your plan set for the rest of the year?  Strategic planning is about planning as it is about implementation. It’s a long term plan for growth and profitability. However, many professionals don’t invest and take the time to plan which results in loss of valuable time for all and misuse of limited resources. Avoid these planning pitfalls right from the start and you’ll have a strategic plan that is a living, breathing document. Or, as I tell my clients all the time, Information + Implementation =…

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Tips for How Women Lawyers Can Chart a Different Course - #2

Though the road may be paved with bumps and hiccups, women lawyers can absolutely chart their course, a different course by implementing proven strategies to create the career of their dreams. Below are critical habits along that path to a fulfilling and prosperous career. Become a masterful time manager. Yep, as women, we often wear too many hats. To stay focused and invest the requisite time to create the professional experience you crave, you must assess and evaluate on an ongoing basis, “is this worth my time”. Often, we can outsource some of the tedious tasks of existence such as…

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Kristin Holland

Mentors Matter: Experiences with Assigned Mentors

I walked into her office and sat down.  She was my assigned mentor: the woman the firm told me to go talk to and learn from.  The problem was that I didn't respect her and didn't want to become like her.  The age difference was so great that I didn't think we had anything in common at all.  I felt like the mandatory meeting was going to be a pointless waste of time. I was in my mid-20s and she was in her 40s or 50s or 60s.  At 26, all of those other ages blended together for me and simply spelled…

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Relationship Building: Time Considerations

Attorneys are very busy people, often logging their time in six-minute increments. Where do they “find” the time to get and stay in touch with everyone AND have the much-needed downtime?   Just today, I explained to a junior partner client that if addressed productively, his contacts will soon be in his personal network circle. Think about it, we all have certain people with whom we enjoying sharing time.  What if those special people could be the same people in your categorized contact lists? How cool would that be? Kill two birds with, well, you know. For the successful senior…

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Texas Severely Restricts Access to Reproductive Healthcare.

The Fifth Circuit recently addressed two controversial abortion restrictions, the admitting privileges requirement and the ambulatory surgical center requirement.  The provisions are part of House Bill 2, the sweeping measure approved by lawmakers last summer over a filibuster led by state Sen. Wendy Davis.  House Bill 2 also banned abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and placed heavy regulations on the use of a pill to accomplish the procedure. The Admitting Privileges Requirement The admitting privileges restriction requires that any doctor performing an abortion in the state must have privileges to send patients to a hospital within thirty miles.  This restriction…

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